How to perfect your answering service over the free trial.

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So, you’re on the free trial of our answering service. Over the next 14 days, we want your experience with SAS to be even better than you expected! One of the best ways to ensure quality service is to pretend you are a customer and place test calls. This is especially useful if your call volume is low. Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your trial.

When placing test calls, listen for the following things:

  • Was your business name pronounced correctly? If not, we can add phonetic spelling.
  • Were the operators knowledgeable about your business? If not, we can add some FAQs.
  • Did the operators ask the right questions according to your script? If not, we can personalize your call script.

When accessing your web portal, look for the following things:

When receiving calls via call patching, evaluate the following things:

  • Are we following the instructions in your script?
  • Are we dispatching your on-call team under the appropriate circumstances?
  • Did the operator provide you with enough information for you to understand and address the caller’s issue or request?

Are we scheduling appointments for you? If so, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the right appointments being scheduled for the right employee?
  • Are the dates and times correct?
  • Did the operator include the correct contact information?
  • Are you receiving notifications in a timely manner?

Placing test calls and monitoring the above criteria will help ensure the answering service is running smoothly. It is also a valuable tool to assess if your script seems to be too wordy, if there are particular FAQs that are tripping up the operators, and so on. The more feedback we receive about your experience, the better we can tweak it to perfection! Feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 1-866-688-8912, or submit a support ticket with any comments, questions, or updates that can help us make your free trial a success!

14 days of free service awaits!


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