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Specialty’s message taking service is a live operator message taking alternative to having customers leave messages on your voicemail. While some callers will follow through and leave a message on your voicemail, others won’t. Generally, 7 out of 10 callers will not leave a message on your voicemail. By giving your customers the option to speak to a human being no matter when they call, you can increase the chances of capturing 100% of your leads. While we can do much more, if you’re looking for simple message taking (name, phone number, email, message),  Specialty Answering Service is an affordable live operator solution for your small businesses.


Handling the message taking so you don't have to.

Taking messages isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll do all day, but it’s essential. In between answering the phone, client meetings, and making sure the toner doesn’t run out, you and your staff are probably struggling to get other tasks completed before closing time.

Outsourcing message taking to SAS is a great way to free up some of your time so you can get to those things you’ve been putting off – like those mailers you’ve been meaning to send out, or that business lunch you keep rescheduling. While you can’t add more hours to the day, using our answering service will feel like you did.

We understand your goal.

When working with SAS, you’re working with message taking experts. Some ways we configure a script to make sure we grab the callers information include:

  • Add driving questions to help guide the call: While answering “how may I help you?” may work in your office, it may not be efficient with an answering service, especially if you’re paying by the minute. Typically if a greeting is left open-ended, callers have the chance to take the reins and guide the call, and they may drop off when they realize we’re just taking a message. While we definitely want your callers to feel heard, having a driving question in your greeting is a great way to help steer the call appropriately. For example, instead of asking “how may I help you?” our operators could ask “are you calling to schedule an appointment today?” or “are you a new or existing patient?” That way, callers don’t have the chance to ramble on, and we can get straight to the nitty gritty.
  • Add multiple path options to represent various call reasons: Depending on what your driving question is asking, we can add multiple path options to handle your calls differently. For example, if the caller is an existing client, you probably don’t want us to ask for their physical address. If they are a new client, you’ll probably want their name, email address, and service they’re interested in.
  • Add FAQs for simple questions and answers: Even though we’ll be equipped to take messages perfectly, your callers may want a bit more information than ‘Someone will call you back in a few.’ If your callers are interested in signing up or ordering products, they may be hesitant to do so until they have all of their questions answered. With Specialty, you can add specific FAQs relating to your business, service, product, etc. That way our reps can help answer questions and capture leads as they come in. We can even access your website and search for specific items to better help your customers. Of course, if callers are asking questions that our receptionists simply can’t answer, we can always take a message so someone on your side can follow up with them.

Messages delivered how you want them.

We love our company, but we know the message taking service we can provide won’t be the focus of your day. If you’re not comfortable with learning our system or don’t want to pick up your messages in our portal, we can send them to whatever software you’re already glued to. Use Salesforce? Maybe Lexicata? Are you a ZoHo fan? Whatever software you use, we can integrate with it and send your messages right to it.

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