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Outsourcing your receptionist desk to an answering service is a great way to save money while simultaneously providing your customers with an unmatched level of support 24/7. When you outsource, your business levels up with a whole team of professionals waiting to WOW your callers. Your brand gets amazing representation, your customers are happier knowing they can interact with a human being anytime, and you’re loving life because staffing headaches are non-existent. With customized call handling, our virtual receptionists will feel like they’re a part of your company for a seamless outsourced answering service experience. From basic message taking to handling more advanced protocols, Specialty Answering Service is the best company for outsourced business solutions.


Outsource your customer service for 24/7 brand representation.

Just because your business is closed, it doesn’t mean your customer service should stop. Outsource your customer service to our 24/7 service so that your patrons can be helped any day or time. When customers are assured their needs can be met and issues addressed no matter when they call, your business can build up customer retention and loyalty without ever having to lift a finger. Outsourcing your customer service also gives you:

  • A professional image: Think about all the times you’ve called a business and were routed to their voicemail. It doesn’t give off the best vibe, right? Having your phones answered 24/7 is not only great for your customers, but it’s also great for your brand.
  • Happy customers: Happy customers equal positive reviews which lead to more business. It’s that simple.
  • A larger client base: Advertising 24/7 customer support definitely gives you the upper hand when it comes to your competition. If potential consumers know that they can only be helped during certain hours, they will look elsewhere. The more available you are to your customers, the more customers you are able to help!
  • Increased productivity: The less time you spend on the phone, the more time you have to dedicate to other projects and tasks.
  • A seamless transition: Outsourcing has never been easier with our fully functional, easy to use call center software. From updating your call handling in real time to configuring one of our many software integrations, the information we gather from your callers can pass through seamlessly to your CRM record. That means no more double data entry, and no more headaches!

Outsource your outbound telemarketing for lead capture.

Don’t have enough hours in the day to call all of your hot leads? Don’t sweat it. By using SAS for outsourced telemarketing, you don’t have to worry about missing any potential business opportunities. After you’ve activated our outbound calling app, simply upload your leads into your online portal, set the parameters of when we should call, and our virtual receptionists will take care of the rest. Not only can our receptionists call your leads, they can capture them as well by:

  • Scheduling appointments: From law firms and medical practices to HVAC companies and property managers, many businesses rely on new appointments. After our operators have contacted your leads, they can help seal the deal by accessing your calendar and scheduling them for an initial consultation.
  • Processing payments: Whether you’ve got a brick and mortar business or are strictly eCommerce, our reps can process orders and payments for potential new customers via our secure call center software.
  • Signing up new customers: Simply accessing your website and filling out a new sign up form for your potential customers is a great way to secure leads. Often times people shy away from doing something because they don’t want to actually do it. So, we’ll do it for them!
  • Transferring high priority accounts: If you’ve got a couple high priority leads on your list that you can’t risk losing, our virtual receptionists can transfer them to your best salesperson for guaranteed lead capture.

Reinvest in the growth of your small business.

The average salary for a receptionist runs about $29,000 a year. As a small business owner, that’s a hefty chunk of change to dish out, especially with the mountain of other expenses you have to worry about. For as little as $1 a day, you could hire a whole team of virtual receptionists from SAS and never have to worry about them calling out sick, going on vacation, or taking breaks! With Specialty’s affordable prices, you will be able to reinvest into the growth of your small business, and continue to provide amazing customer support.

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