24 Hour Answering Service

When your customers have an issue, they need to speak to a real person, not an answering machine.

Your commitment to your customers’ satisfaction and the growth of your company shouldn’t stop when your business closes. Customer service is a 24 hour commitment. We know that your customers and prospects will contact you on their own schedule, and the last thing they want to hear is voicemail. Your customers need a live answer. That’s why we have knowledgeable virtual receptionists standing by 24/7 to answer your calls. Our ‘round the clock answering service isn’t just for message taking – no matter the time, our professional live receptionists can troubleshoot issues, transfer hot leads, process orders, and more. Because your satisfaction and your callers’ satisfaction is our main goal, our answering service is staffed 24 hours a day.


Your customers' satisfaction is our priority.

Amazing customer service is a priority to your company, and it’s our priority as well. Why? Because we know that running a small business means being dedicated to your customers 24 hours a day. At SAS, we’re always answering. That means you get truly professional brand representation no matter when your phone rings, and that’s what separates us from other answering services. Your customers want better customer service, so we make our receptionists available to your callers any time they need to talk. It’s our way of making sure your business is monitored while you’re off the clock.

We’re always available, and your business will be too. That’s why SAS uses real human beings to answer your phones 24/7.

Peace of mind no matter what time.

When you think of offering 24-hour support to your customers, you may not realize how easily you can introduce all-hours customer service into your business plan. With our live answering service, 24 hour support is attainable and affordable for any company whose customers need help around the clock. For large corporations looking for complex 24/7 outsourcing, we can help. For small businesses who just need receptionist support and can’t have their employees working the graveyard shift, we can help. No matter what your needs, and no matter what time the phone rings, have peace of mind knowing your company is being represented:

  • 24/7 phone answering makes for better mornings: Eliminate sifting through voicemails first thing in the morning. With SAS, you’re never playing catch-up.
  • Make your customers happy: Without immediate answers, customers can quickly become unhappy. Keep them singing your praises with 24/7 live support.
  • You’re working too hard over there: Give your staff a break by letting our operators answer calls and pass the baton only when customers require something our live operators can’t handle.
  • Extend your reach: Stop thinking locally and start thinking globally! Outsourcing your calls to Specialty means you can handle customer service requests from customers across the world while you’re sound asleep.
  • On-call all day: If you’re a business that relies on 24/7 on-call, like after hours on-call for medical offices, we have your back. Your on-call schedule is always available to our operators no matter what time the dispatch request comes in.

Missed calls mean missed opportunities.

Having a virtual receptionist available 24 hours a day means no more missed opportunities, and those new opportunities aren’t going to cost your company an arm and a leg. Though our operators are available both during business and after hours, using SAS is significantly cheaper than hiring a full time receptionist to handle your calls. We can help shape your business by:

  • Answering your calls 24 hours a day: When was the last time you went shopping online at 9:30 PM? Probably last night. If you had a question, was customer service available via phone or live chat? We can be.
  • Showing your customers you love them: 7 out of 10 callers will hang up on voicemail. If you’re still using voicemail, you’re losing opportunities if one of those hangups doesn’t call you back. Show your customers you care and help grow your company with 24/7 lead capture.
  • Staying cheap: Having a live receptionist answer your calls 24/7 is super affordable. The cost for our after hours answering service is always dependent on your call volume. Don’t get many calls? Your cost will be minimal. Review our our answering service pricing for complete details.

24 hour support is the right fit for any business. Typical companies who need a 24 hour answering service are doctors, lawyers, and emergency service companies like HVAC contractors or plumbers. However, even if you are a small local 9-5 company and think your customers don’t mind waiting up to 12 hours for a reply, they do. You should consider Specialty’s 24 hour answering service to capitalize on opportunities and always give your customers a voice.

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