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We give our clients the option to record their their calls, as well as the ability to listen to and review those calls via their secure online portal or mobile app. Transparency is the key to maintaining successful business relationships, and the feedback we get from our customers through answering service reviews of our operators, both good and bad, is instrumental in helping us shape our service. By giving our customers the ability to rate the operator interactions, we can be sure their needs are being met and issues are being addressed as soon as they arise.


Have hands-on input into how our virtual receptionists are handling your calls.

Running a successful small business is a constant juggling act. That’s why many businesses outsource their calls to a telephone answering service so they can have the time to focus on other things. We understand that giving up phone interactions to an answering service can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how the operators are handling your calls. Giving up control can be tough. How is your brand being represented? Are the operators helpful? Energetic? That’s why SAS gives our customers a managerial experience by giving them access to our online portal which allows them to not only see their messages, but also gives them the ability to listen to their calls, rate them 1-5 stars, and provide feedback.

How your feedback helps us.

By having the ability to rate calls and provide feedback, our customers can better control the outsourced customer service SAS provides. The feedback we receive is reviewed every week by our customer support team, so we can address the operators that need help and reward the operators who are doing amazing!

If we notice that several calls are rated poorly, there might be an underlying issue with your scripting that is causing the operators to mishandle the calls. In those scenarios, our support team will often reach out to schedule a script review, which allows us to pinpoint  any issues and work on a resolution. Since handling calls in a call center atmosphere is a different experience than handling them in your own office, what may work in one environment may not work in the other. Luckily our support team are experts in finding common ground and coming up with viable solutions.

Have your customers rate calls for you.

While listening to and rating calls in your portal is a great feature, it gets better. SAS also has a feature where your customers can rate their interactions with our virtual receptionists after the call has already ended.

  • User Ratings: After a call has ended, if we’ve collected the callers email address, you can activate a feature in our portal called User Ratings. Through User Ratings, the caller will get an email immediately after a phone call where they’ll be able to rate the operator just as you would. Once posted, these ratings are available in your portal and included in your overall operator rating.
  • Email Surveys: While some people will gladly tell you how they feel on the phone or in person, others may be a bit more reserved and would feel more comfortable filling out a survey on their own time. As long as we are collecting an email address from your callers, combine our free call center survey app with our email app so we can shoot them an email after the call has ended asking them to rate their experience.

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