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When the first call centers were created, operators had to use switchboards to manually connect calls, and messages were sent via carrier pigeons (probably). Over time, call center technology has launched answering services into the digital era of the 21st century and has allowed them to explode into something more. With Specialty’s digital answering service, all of the messages our virtual receptionists take will be logged on your secure online portal to be accessed at anytime. So, whether you need automated features like an IVR so your callers can help themselves, or if you need our receptionists to help schedule appointments and place orders, SAS has got you covered.


Take advantage of our integrations for a seamless interaction.

Through various applications within our portal, you can integrate your business with ours. Whether you’re using CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, or Lexicata, or would like us to schedule using a shared calendar like Google Calendar, the transition from your business to ours will be easy and affordable. If you don’t see your platform as one of our available integrations, check out our Custom Action app which allows our users to integrate with almost any software. Just plug in your endpoint URL, let the system know how you want messages to come through, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re unfamiliar with API but think using one of our integrations could be beneficial to you and your small business, no need to worry. Our customer support team are basically tech-ninjas and can happily walk you through the process.

Manage your business on the go.

If your business requires you to be on your feet or away from the office for long periods of time, then download our mobile app for both iPhone and Android users to stay up to date on all of your messages. Some other available features that come with our mobile app include:

  • Listening to your calls: Need clarification on a message you received? Just pop into your mobile app and listen to the recorded message right from your phone.
  • Updating where your messages are sent: Imagine you’re in the field when you get a call from one of your employees saying that they’re in the hospital with a bad case of the mumps and they’ll be out for days. You’re too tied up to contact customer support to update who the messages are going to, and you’re feeling flustered. Then you look down at that magical little computer in your hands and remember that you can easily update where your messages are sent via the app!
  • Contact callers back via phone call, email or text: If you’re a lawyer, HVAC technician, mobile veterinarian or any other professional that requires you to be out and about for the majority of the day, you can easily get in touch with your callers through our mobile app. Simply open up your call log, select the call in question, and choose to email, text or call the caller back with just a few clicks of the finger.
  • Add status updates in real time: In the event of an emergency after hours, it may be difficult to get in touch with customer support to implement updates. However, you can simply log into your mobile app and set a status update, otherwise known as a special, to add temporary instructions for the operators in real time.

Everything you need all in one spot.

Via our secure online portal, you can keep track of all of your account information and messages for as long as you’re on service. Need to upgrade plans for the month because you’re airing a new product? Check. Need to update your call handling? Check. Did you just listen to a call that went fabulously? Hop into your portal and give it a 5 star rating – with feedback!

Need reports sent to you every week? We’ve got it. Would you like us to send an email to your callers after every interaction? We’ve got that, too. Do you have a rotating on-call schedule that needs to be followed? Yup, you guessed it. We’ve got you covered.

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