Temporary Answering Service

A perfect solution when you need temporary virtual receptionist support.

A temporary answering service helps small businesses answer phone calls for limited periods of time when they are understaffed or are temporarily receiving a higher volume of phone calls due to things like promotions, recalls, seasonal traffic, event registrations, or fundraisers. Where some telephone answering services require long term contracts and lengthy service commitments, SAS can provide temporary live operator support to your business for as little as a one-month commitment.

Signing contracts can sometimes feel like signing your life away, and with some answering services, you might as well be. However, with Specialty, you never have to sign any long term contracts. So, you are free to choose when you’d like to sign up, when you’d like to cancel, and how often you use us. Whether you’re launching a new product, going on vacation, airing a charity telethon, or simply expecting a higher call volume just because your business is kicking butt, take advantage of Specialty for limited commitments to take care of all of your small business needs.


No commitments, no contracts, no problem.

While having an answering service at your disposal is super advantageous, we understand that it’s not always needed. That is why our live operator service can be activated for short periods of time. That means no contracts and no commitments. Since SAS has month to month billing, you can simply activate when you need us, and deactivate when you don’t. It’s that easy!

In addition, each plan we offer is broken down into cost effective thresholds which we help monitor for you. So, no matter how long you are an active client with us, you can relax knowing that you’re never over paying for service. For example, if you’re using us for a fundraiser and if you get far more calls then expected, we’ll automatically upgrade your account to make sure you’re on the best plan and aren’t getting killed in overage charges.

Use SAS for fundraisers or telethons.

If you’re airing a new product or running a charity telethon, taking advantage of a temporary live operator service is the key to a successful launch. Our team of over 300 professionally trained operators are available 24/7 to place orders, answer questions, and input donations with ease, which allows callers to get on and off the phone quickly.

  • Customizable FAQs keeps our operators in the loop: While all accounts include standard FAQs like your business hours, location, website, etc., adding custom FAQs will help our operators answer more advanced questions and assist callers. This is a great feature to have in case any of your callers are on the fence about purchasing your new product or donating to your charity pledge drive.
  • Utilizing web forms creates seamless interactions: By implementing a simple web form that our virtual receptionists can access, we can get on and off the phone as quickly as possible to maximize the time spent using our service. Having our operators go right out to your web form also cuts down on the amount of work you have to do on your side, as you won’t have to re-input all of the information we’ve already gathered.
  • Saving your script allows for easy reactivation: If you only use an answering service for your annual charity telethon, having your information saved is a huge time saver. The time it would take you to reconfigure your account can be better used elsewhere, like advertising for your upcoming campaign. With Specialty’s temporary answering service, we keep all of your data saved in our system for a year so you don’t have to go through the trouble of re-programming.

Use SAS when you're out of town.

Activating our answering service temporarily is great if you’re going out of town. Whether you’re going on a six week snorkeling trip or a weekend work convention, activate an account so your callers will never be forced to leave a message with your voicemail. We can even customize your call handling to let callers know when you’ll be back so they know when to expect a return call.

If you’re not sure if you want to sign up for a paid service just yet, test our answering service for free to see how we handle your calls while you’re out of town. If we’re doing great, then next time you skip town, we’ll already have your information on file and you’ll just need to activate your account.

Keep your line active and temporarily drop to a lower plan.

Once an account is deactivated, the forwarding number we’ve assigned to you goes back into the available pool. When you reactivate your account, we’ll assign you a new forwarding number. If this doesn’t work for your needs and you want to retain the same number each time you come back to SAS, you can temporarily drop your call plan to the lowest plan we offer, the Economy Plan. That way you’ll keep the same number every time.

When your traffic ramps back up, you won’t even need to contact us! Just forward your lines to us using the same number and we’ll answer according to your script. Easy!

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