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Misinformation is damaging when you have a business to run. If your customers are attempting to locate one of your stores, they need up-to-date info. Dishing out inaccurate information could lead to lost sales and negative reviews. It is a fact that 82% of new business is generated by referrals. You can’t afford to have a single negative experience in customer service, especially when it comes to having clients locate your stores. You need an answering service that can provide real-time dealer location information whenever current or prospective clients contact your business. You need Specialty’s dealer location answering service.

In 2012, consumers spent about $73 daily. Losing sales because your store is hard to find? Let SAS help. For around $3 a day, we’ll be a live-voice GPS for your business.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

The dealer location service at SAS is renowned for its versatility. We can match up callers with the vendor closest to their zip code, closest to their current location, or most appropriate for their needs. Agents can also distribute referrals and leads to your sales reps equally, based on the criteria that best suits your company. We will maintain accurate records so that you can review their performance. Whatever your needs may be, we can customize our location services to create the appropriate application for your business.

What We Can Do.

Our dealer location program is a service built into your existing inbound answering service account. With a staff of over 300 operators, we are accustomed to handling more than 10,000 inbound calls a day. Agents are able to integrate with any pre-existing web-based protocol your company provides, or we can create a new system using our online software. We give your callers the information they need, when they need it.

  • Customized Options: We will work with you to create call scripts for our receptionists to follow when current and prospective customers phone in. Referrals can be provided based on geographic location, or any other criteria that you designate. If you have a particular branch that is struggling to get started, or sales reps who have specialized training on specific products, we can give them preference when customers call in.
  • 24/7 Answering Service: Our agents are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if a customer calls after business hours, a live voice will greet them in 3 rings or less, making prompt service a priority. We are ready and waiting with the information your customers need.
  • Locate the Closest Product: If we are able to access your software, we can help track down the closest store that has the product your customers are trying to find. If we can’t find a store close to them, we can input the order directly into your e-commerce platform, process payments, and arrange shipment from your warehouse to their address. This enables you to reach a national audience, regardless of whether or not your retailer is located in their state.
  • Locate the Closest Manufacturer: The same goes for car dealerships, service technicians, and more. Using your online calendar management software, we can even coordinate appointments for callers who want to visit a particular showroom, schedule service estimates, or arrange for repairs.
  • Bilingual Support: The U.S. is forever changing in diversity. With such a large Hispanic population, you would be remiss if you didn’t provide bilingual services to your varied client base. Our pool of operators, fluent in both English and Spanish, has you covered.

The Benefits.

Partnering with an incomparable national answering service indicates not only great taste and excellence in client support, but also your commitment to taking your business to the next level. We represent your brand name at all times and ensure that your customers are able to find the dealer location that best suits their interests.

  • Professional Image: Professionalism is essential in quality customer service. Directing inbound location requests to voicemail is not only extremely unprofessional – it is bad business. Having us on your side means that every call will be answered straight away, and each of your clients will receive service with a smile.
  • Reduced Costs: When you work with our team, there is no expensive equipment to purchase, install, or maintain, and no need for you to hire or train additional staff to manage your reception services. With month-to-month contracts and per-minute billing, you will only pay for the operator time you use, making our service more economical than the cost of hourly or salaried employees.
  • Smart, Quality Care: We believe that optimal customer service comes from optimal training. That is why we train our operators twice as long as the industry standard. Our extensive internal and external quality control measures evaluate over 2,000 calls a month to guarantee impeccable service, and we record all calls so that they are available to you for future analysis.

Start distributing the right information to your customers and watch revenue rise. Get started today on 2-weeks of free service – no strings attached. See for yourself how collaborating with our seasoned team can benefit your business and provide the client support solutions that will help your business grow. Specialty is the leading dealer location service, giving GPS a run for its money.

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