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In the direct marketing industry, it all comes down to engaging the customer. Getting their attention in a meaningful way can generate interest in your product. With so much focus placed on this initial impression, it can be easy for marketers to forget about what comes next. A customer reads your advertisement, is interested in your product, and contacts your company. This is the watershed moment: the sale is either made or lost. It is a fact that 67% of potential buyers will hang up the phone if they can’t speak to a live receptionist. If your callers are being connected to voicemail or an automated answering service, then you are missing critical sales opportunities. You need an answering service that always follows through with live voice communication. You need Specialty’s answering service for direct mail advertising.

44% of direct mail is never opened, so don’t miss a call from the 56% of customers who want your product. For about $40 a week, SAS’ 24/7 answering service can ensure your success!

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

SAS is a round-the-clock call center, on task to handle all of your inbound calls. Our customer service specialists are highly trained and have a wealth of experience in the industry. We are more than just an answering service, though; representatives can make outbound telemarketing calls, process orders and shipments, and conduct market research on your advertising strategies. We truly are your all-in-one service, sales, and logistics solutions provider. Everything that we do can be personalized to suit the needs of your business. Our team works with your staff to identify where we can be most helpful, and we provide support accordingly. When you partner with us, you are making a commitment to improved customer service, and in turn, a commitment to improved sales.

What We Can Do.

Our staff of more than 300 receptionists is capable of handling over 30,000 inbound calls a day. We are dedicated to superior service and make a point to answer all phone calls in 3 rings or less. With bilingual operators fluent in both English and Spanish, we can support your diverse clientele, whatever their needs may be.

  • 24/7 Lead Capture: We know that not every call you receive will fall between the typical 9 to 5 business day. So even if a prospective buyer calls at 4 in the morning, our agents will be on hand to answer questions, schedule appointments, take messages, and anything else you empower us to do. No matter what hour of the day or what day of the year, we ensure that a live-voice agent is always available to accommodate your national and international customer base.
  • Virtual Services: Utilizing your pre-existing online software and protocols, we are able to manage orders for your company. When a customer calls, we can enter pertinent information into your databases so there is minimal delay between purchasing and shipping. We are also able to coordinate meetings with prospective clients by working with your online calendar management software.
  • High Volume Promotions: Using promotional strategies is always a great tool to boost sales. Our experienced team is prepared to handle the influx of interest that comes with new promotions or 1-800 number campaigns. We guarantee that none of your incoming calls will go to voicemail.

The Benefits.

Our proven record of accomplishment shows that we know what works best in the direct marketing industry. We lend a professional image to your company and make certain that your brand name is represented all day, every day.

  • Professional Image: A polished image is a vital component of quality customer service. Directing customers’ requests to an automated service or to voicemail is not only extremely unprofessional – it is bad business. Having us on your side means that every call will be answered promptly, and every patron will receive the friendly service they deserve.
  • Quality Control: We believe that optimal customer service comes from optimal training. That is why we train our operators twice as long as the industry standard. Our extensive internal and external quality control checks evaluate over 2,000 calls a month to guarantee exceptional service, and we record all calls so that they are available to you for future use.
  • Reduced Costs: Working with our call center means there is no costly equipment to purchase, install, or maintain, and no need for you to hire or train additional administrative personnel to manage your reception services. With affordable month-to-month contracts and per-minute billing, you will only pay for the operator time you use, helping you reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and increasing your bottom line.

If you are selling products through direct marketing, you need a nationwide call center that can handle tremendous volume. Look no further than SAS. Get started on our 2-week free trial, and ask us how our live service can provide the edge that your company needs to succeed. Specialty is the leading answering service for direct mail advertising, making the success of your business, our business.

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