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As a business owner, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time responding to emails. From assisting customers with requests to answering questions from your staff, many of your hours are wasted on clerical tasks. Out of the top 100 online retailers, it takes, on average, 17 hours to reply to a customer service email; yet most consumers expect a response in 6 hours. If you and your staff are spending valuable company time replying to a flurry of emails, then you are operating inefficiently. Not only that, but you are most likely alienating customers and lowering sales. What you need is a quick and efficient way to answer these requests without taking time away from your work. You need excellent customer service and professional representation in all of your emails. You need Specialty’s email response service.

Online retailers average 17 hrs. to respond to a customer’s email. For less than $1 per managed email, SAS reduces hours to minutes. Happy customers = better business!

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

We can do so much more than just call handling. With our email receptionist service, we open the lines of communication and give your customers another avenue to contact your business. Through email reception, our national call center agents can actively monitor a specified email box and reply according to your instructions. We provide 24/7 customer service for your clients, keeping you a step ahead of the competition. All of our services, including email answering, can be completely customized to match the needs of your business. SAS truly is your all-in-one customer service solution.

How it Works.

Our team of more than 300 representatives can process upwards of 100,000 transactions a day. You simply provide the email address and work with our experienced agents to design a response protocol, and we handle the rest. No more generic “auto-reply” messages; our email response service acts as an extension of your office helpdesk staff.

  • 24/7 Email Response: Our agents return customers’ emails following the FAQs and procedural information you provide. This offers a personalized reply and the reassurance that you are monitoring inbound requests all day, every day.
  • Escalate Requests: If we are unable to answer complex questions or resolve problems within the confines of your FAQs or setup, then we can input the emails into your online support system and escalate the customer to the appropriate member of your staff.
  • Create Help Desk Tickets: If you would rather personally respond to messages, we can easily input customers’ information into your helpdesk system. Following, we can call the customer directly and tell them their request has been received and a representative from the appropriate department will contact them shortly.
  • Complete Receptionist Service: In addition to answering emails, we can provide a complete receptionist answering service to your business. This ranges from answering basic telephone calls to services like appointment setting.

The Benefits.

Partnering with us means that you will have a courteous, professional agent representing your brand name unceasingly. We take care of office communications so that you can focus on what’s most important: running your business.

  • Professional Image: Professionalism is essential for companies trying to expand their customer base. Taking days to respond to a client’s email is a sure way to lose business. Gain a professional edge with our email receptionist services.
  • Nobody to Train, Nothing to Install: You don’t have to worry about hiring additional administrative personnel – we have it covered. There is no equipment to purchase or install – we have the technology. Our agents will make your life easier by increasing the productivity of your in-house employees and reducing the cost of day-to-day operations. We have the resources, and we make them work for you.
  • 2-Week Free Trial: We are confident in the email answering services we provide, and we want you to feel the same way. That is why we offer prospective customers a 2-week test drive. There are no gimmicks and no hidden fees – just amazing service. What do you have to lose?

As a business owner, there are countless responsibilities that fall under your command. Free yourself from the burden of replying to every inquiry by teaming up with SAS. All of our services, are tailored to suit your company. Get started on our 2-week free trial. We are the affordable customer care solution you have been searching for! Specialty is the leading email response service, providing exceptional customer care at the click of a mouse.

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