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In commercial advertising, high volume is always the goal. Whether you’re broadcasting on TV or radio, producing an infomercial, or a 15-second spot, you want tons of people interested in your product, and all of those people contacting your company. With all of the time and effort it takes to make a successful commercial, not being able to respond to your potential buyers because your phone lines can’t handle the traffic is a waste of time and money. Did you know that 34% of customers who are put on hold hang up and do not call back? You can’t afford to lose a customer because you’re understaffed or your answering service is underprepared. You need an answering service that is experienced and ready to handle the buzz generated by your ad. You need Specialty’s direct response call center.

Please hold. That fast phrase can cost you 34% of customers. For about $2.75 per order, SAS answers every call, 24/7. We take clients from potential to permanent.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

At SAS, our national call center staff is always prepared to handle high volume, either in periodic spurts or for a sustained period of time, and always with 24 hour answer support. Our agents respond to callers 16% faster than other call centers, and average call duration is between 3 and 4 minutes. When volume is high, time is valuable, and we get buyers what they need quickly so we can service more clients. Even though we have tremendous call turnover, our error rate is half the industry average. With internal and external quality control checks, we make sure that we’re offering you premium services. We know that producing a memorable infomercial is costly, so our services are always affordable. If you need professionalism and efficiency coupled with tremendous customer service, then look no further. Specialty provides all of the solutions that a DRTV advertiser might need.

What We Can Do.

When a potential customer contacts your company, they will always be met with a live-voice receptionist in 3 rings or less. Our team of over 300 highly trained representatives is capable of handling more than 30,000 inbound calls a day.

  • 24/7 Answering Service: Even if your spot runs at 4 in the morning, our representatives will be on hand to field calls from interested callers, answering questions based on the FAQs you provide. We ensure that someone is always available to assist customers coast-to-coast, and even around the globe.
  • Experts in Order Processing: We are able to work with your pre-existing software and protocols to manage orders for your company. When a customer calls, we can enter all of their information into your online databases so there is minimal delay between purchasing and shipping. We can even process returns, respond to billing inquiries, and track shipments to help reduce the strain on your in-house staff.
  • Personalized Training: The more we know, the more successful our sales pitches will be. With that in mind, we invite you to personally train our agents on the ins and outs of your product line and operations. Detailed instruction and a keen awareness of your offering will also help our agents in their no-pressure approach to upselling and cross-selling.
  • Traffic Control: We can work with your infomercial agent to coordinate air times and ensure maximum phone coverage when your ad runs. If you would like, 1-800 numbers can also be established to distinguish specific marketing efforts, and we can track the amount of interest generated from each ad.
  • Bilingual Proficiency: As the Hispanic population rapidly expands, businesses need to adapt. We have staff fluent in both English and Spanish, so we are always prepared to respond to the needs of your diverse clientele. With SAS at your side, there is no such thing as a language barrier.

The Benefits.

Collaborating with us means you have made the decision to provide the very best customer service for your buyers. Our call center represents your brand name at all times and ensure that customers will keep coming back to your business. Let us help take your product to the next level.

  • Seamless Integration: It’s so easy to come on board with our service. There is no need to purchase or install any expensive equipment or keep up with technological advances. We are able to fit into any web-based systems you already have in place. We can set up your account and get you started in just a few hours. It’s virtually effortless!
  • No Additional Staffing: The agents at our call centers work remotely and virtually, so you will not have to incur the expense of hiring and providing for additional staff members to manage high call volumes. We have a great team of live-voice agents ready to serve you! With us manning your phones, your staff will have time to focus on the day-to-day responsibilities that keep operations flowing.
  • Increase Revenue: Every phone call your business receives is an opportunity to increase revenue. When it comes to lead capture, timing is everything. We aim to answer every call within 3 rings or less, and callers will be impressed with the prompt, personal care our agents provide. The more calls we answer, the more sales you make. With our team of professionals on hand, the buying experience isn’t just simple and fast, it’s a pleasure!

Putting together an effective direct marketing campaign takes time and money. Utilizing the right call center to manage upsurges in call volume is a smart way to ensure your investment pays off. We take pride in what we bring to our clients, and we want you to see firsthand how SAS can benefit your business. Get started on our 2-week free trial and find out what we can do for you! Specialty is the leading call center for direct response marketing, dedicated to the success of your business.

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