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As long as people are still going to the bathroom, septic and portable sanitation services will always be in demand. From providing portable restrooms for construction sites and concerts, to managing a town’s waste disposal, septic and portable sanitation services are a necessity. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And when they do go, if there are any problems, someone needs to be there to fix it. Specialty Answering Service can help your portable sanitation business in a variety of ways including answering the number advertised on your portable toilet 24/7, dispatching your technicians to the scene, answering any rental questions, and even completing sales through any web based system you may already be using. Our virtual receptionists are here to help relieve your business with amazing customer support, 24/7.

SAS can help your business and help the environment, as 45 billion gallons of water are saved each year by using portable restrooms.

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What We Can Do.

Septic cleaning services do more than just provide people with a place to go to the bathroom. They assist with unclogging drains, pumping septic tanks, and disposing of the waste that is collected after going potty. Your septic systems work 24/7, so they’re going to need a 24 hour call center provider that can help deliver outstanding customer support when they break down. And how ’bout those Porta Potties, huh? They’re always there when you need them, but what happens if they break? If they get clogged? Some unfortunate concert goer is going to be calling, and you’re going to need to be there to answer that call.

  • Provide Multiple Numbers: If your company specializes in everything sanitation, you may need to separate business lines to stay organized. With Specialty Answering Service we can provide you with multiple phone numbers, either local or toll free, which you can use to route calls accordingly. You may want formal event planning calls to route to a local number, whereas general sanitation maintenance calls can route to a toll free number.
  • Quote Customers: People who are looking for any type of service will usually call around to different companies to determine who has the best prices. Instead of just taking messages for your callers, we can generate quotes on your website based off the information the caller provides. For example, an outdoor wedding may need 3 up-scale units, but a major sporting event may need 50 basic Porta Potties. On the other hand, the units at a construction site may need to get serviced weekly, depending on the size of the site and the number of workers. No matter what type of service is needed, our operators are able to navigate your website quickly and efficiently to provide the most accurate quote to your callers.
  • Dispatch Urgent Calls: If there’s been an “oopsie-poopsie” at one of the locations you service, we can help your company recover by dispatching urgent calls to an on-call technician. By gathering the most accurate information from your callers (i.e, what the issue is, which location they are calling from, how many restrooms is it affecting, etc), we can get someone on the scene as quickly as possible to rectify the situation.
  • Handle Large Volumes: Our pool of virtual receptionists are able to handle any calls you can dump on us. With SAS it doesn’t matter if you get 5 calls a day, or 500. We are equipped to handle each one!

The Benefits.

Ensuring that your customers’ needs are met is no easy task, but with Specialty’s 24/7 live operator service, we can help you out along the way.

  • Increased Profits: By providing 24 hour support, 7 days a week, all year round, we can ensure that no call will be missed, and no question unanswered. More calls going to a live person over a machine equals faster assistance and quicker turn around. For a few dollars each day, your small 9-5 business can give the feel of a larger company, and still maintain the great customer support your customers know and love.
  • Clean Reputation: Let’s face it, having your company’s logo plastered on dozens of un-kept Porta Potties is a sure fire way to dirty your reputation. By scheduling weekly service calls for your customers who require long-term rentals, you can make sure that your company, as well as your portable restrooms, maintain a clean and fresh look.
  • Streamlined Calls for Efficiency: By screening callers to see what type of service they’re looking for, whether it be residential or commercial, we can either continue on with the call by gathering information and providing a quote, or we can simply let the caller know that we do not provide those services. Fielding these calls for you frees up your time to do what you do best – giving people the gift of sanitation!

Before modern septic sanitation procedures were put into place, sewage flowed freely down the streets. Luckily, our society has evolved by creating regulations to help keep everyone safe. With SAS answering calls for Porta Potty or sanitation businesses, your customers never have to think twice after they press that shiny white handle on the porcelain, or plastic, throne, and you don’t have to think twice about missing out on business.

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