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Appointments don’t set themselves – but when you use SAS, it’ll feel like they do!

If you’ve ever been in a medical office, whether you work there or are there as a patient, you know that the phones are always ringing off the hook. The #1 reason people call a doctor is to schedule an appointment. Add that to the long list of tasks that have to be completed every day, and you’ve got one busy practice. That is why Specialty’s medical appointment scheduling is here to send in relief by providing virtual office support 24/7. Think of us as your 3rd, 4th and 5th arms, here to do all of the things you simply don’t have the time to do.

You’ve got patients that need appointments, and we’ve got agents that can pencil them in.

SASThe Premiere Medical Appointment Schedulers

What We Can Do.

Specialty Answering Service is the industry choice for HIPAA compliant medical appointment scheduling. Whether we’re scheduling regular check ups or intensive surgeries, our team of  professionally trained offsite receptionists are available around the clock (and calendar) to offer amazing customer support. Simply by routing your calls to our answering service, you can free up your office staff to focus on more important tasks, like organizing patient records, or spending a little extra time making the patients in the waiting room feel more comfortable.

  • Schedule Appointments: With SAS, your options are as endless as the services you provide. We can screen callers to see what type of appointment they need – like a first appointment consult, a routine screening, surgeries, pre-op/post-op care and pretty much any other type of appointment you can think of! If you offer it, we can schedule it using our own web based appointment system – which means no double entry or overlapping appointments. We want to help take some of the workload off you and your staff, not tie you up even more by learning a new system, which is why we’re flexible when it comes to our appointment scheduling compatibility. Not only can we schedule appointments, but we can also reschedule new appointments or take messages for cancellations. You can discuss your options with our intake specialists to see what method will be most efficient for your business!
  • Provide a Centrally Accessible Platform: Each call that we answer and each message that we take is stored online, and is accessible to you for as long as you are on service with us. If we’re also recording your calls, then those recordings are available for 60 days after the call takes place. In the portal you can update your appointment settings, review/update your script and FAQs, download various reports to help you keep track of usage and other call statistics, create custom call labels to help you and your office stay organized, add users to give your employees access to messages, rate calls and provide feedback for the operators, pas notes to the operators letting them know your office is closed,  plus so much more! With SAS, our service is at your fingertips – literally.
  • Send out Appointment Reminders: With appointments, come appointment reminders, and we’ve got you covered there, too. We can setup HIPAA compliant email reminders to your patients when they book an appointment. If you’re really busy and want to take it one step further, sign up for our outbound call center services and let our operators dial out to your patients to remind them of upcoming appointments as well.
  • Be Your Virtual Receptionist 24/7: For way less than an average receptionist’s salary, you can hire a whole team of agents that can do the same job from afar, and they never have to go home. Ever. Using our scripting software, you can provide our operators with as much information as your fingers can type, so that we are well-prepared to answer any questions regarding pricing, services, insurance, location, business hours and anything else you can think of. Instead of paying benefits, you’ll be reaping them.

The Benefits.

Let’s face it; people are busy during the day. We’re sure you find that most calls to your medical office for scheduling either come super early in the morning or way after your practice has closed for the day. If you aren’t available after hours to schedule appointments for your patients, you’re losing money, and people are walking around sick. Neither is good for anyone. With SAS’s 24/7 live answering, your patients can call and make an appointment at whatever time is convenient for them, which means less procrastinating and more business for you.

  •  Flexibility: Just because you use an answering service doesn’t mean you have to use us all the time. If you have things covered during the day, forward to us after hours so we can take care of business while you’re out of the office. You can also set up conditional call forwarding with your phone provider so that you have the chance to answer the phone first. If everyone’s tied up on your side, we’ll take care of the overflow calls so your patients can get quick and easy support no matter what.
  • HIPAA HITECH Compliant: According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the number of individuals affected by a data breach is staggering. People want to be assured that their protected health information stays protected. With SAS, you don’t have to worry about damaging your integrity due to data leaks. As a 3rd party business associate, we understand how important it is to keep that information protected, so that your reputation and practice can continue to grow and thrive. Our service maintains HIPAA compliance by storing all of your messages in our secure online portal. In addition, any message we send to you will not contain any patient information. Just a quick alert letting you know that you have a new message which you can access online or through our free mobile app.
  • Patient Satisfaction & Retention: By utilizing a 24/7 answering service, your patients never have to talk to a voicemail machine ever again – or, at least they don’t when calling your office. Our virtual receptionists are there to answer your calls quickly and provide patients with the same level of customer support they’d expect to get from your practice. Happy patients means more opportunity to grow your practice!

Appointments lay the groundwork for all medical offices. Without them, you’d be out of business, and we’d probably all be pretty sick. Specialty’s medical appointment scheduling service is here to help your business stay efficient. With all the extra time you’ll have, you can crank out those prescription refills and referrals, all while making sure you get home in time for dinner with your family – or pets, whichever you prefer.

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