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An obstetrician gynecologist, better known as an OBGYN, is a medical professional that specializes in women’s health. Women’s bodies go through many different changes in life and having someone who specializes in those changes is vital. Specialty’s OBGYN Answering Service is here to help your women’s health clinic increase productivity by helping answer calls and schedule appointments, cut down on costs by providing affordable virtual receptionists, and dispatch emergency calls to your on-call OBGYN – all while staying HIPAA compliant.

An average of 4 million babies are born each year in the U.S, which means a lot of phone calls to your office. With SAS, you don’t have to worry about missing any of them.

SASThe Answering Service for OBGYNs

What We Can Do.

When people are worried about their health, they want to be able to talk to someone right away. This rings true for pregnant women as well, especially women that may be carrying their first child. The human body undergoes so many transformations during pregnancy and it can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. Our OBGYN Answering Service is here to help answer all of your calls so that your patients don’t have to talk to an answering machine. What else can we do? Glad you asked!

  • Schedule Appointments: If you’re trying to boost productivity around your medical office and need some help scheduling appointments, we’ve got you. Easily link up your Gmail account via our Google Calendar app in our online portal. Add your appointment settings, business hours, and utilize our advanced features section to customize the different types of appointments that you offer. For example you could offer prenatal exams, pregnancy screenings, various cancer screenings, postmenopausal exams, surgical procedures or just general check ups. By customizing the appointment lengths, we’ll be able to effectively schedule more appointments in any given day. Don’t use Google Calendar? That’s fine too! As long as we don’t have access to PHI (protected health information) after the call, we can schedule appointments right on your website.
  • Screen Callers Based off Their Needs: As an OBGYN, you receive dozens of calls a day that range from general questions, appointments, emergencies and everything in between. With our OBGYN Answering Service, we can screen your callers based off your needs to cut down extra work on your side. For example, if someone is calling to schedule an appointment we can screen them to see what type of appointment they are looking to schedule, and if they are a new or existing patient. If they are new, we can gather information like their insurance provider, address, date of birth, etc. whereas an existing patient would just require us to gather their name and number. We could also screen callers depending on if they’re pregnant or not and if so, how far along they are. In addition to that, we can even send the different types of messages to different people in your office! All urgent messages can be sent to the gynecologist, health questions can be sent to the nurse and everything else can be sent to the office manager.
  • Dispatch Urgent Calls:  Simply put, babies who are about to be born do not wait for anyone. So, it’s important that when they do come, someone is there to take the call. Our operators at SAS can dispatch emergency calls to the on-call OBGYN immediately after hanging up with a caller. If you want, we can even screen callers to see who their doctor is so that we can call them directly instead of going through the on-call physician. Send us your schedule in advance, or update it on-the-go using our flexible on-call platform in your secure, online portal.
  • Have Calls Answered by Women: Women’s health clinics treat women for sensitive issues that some women may not feel comfortable talking about to just anyone. If your patients would feel more comfortable talking to other women about their issues, we can direct your calls to our female operators.
  • Send Messages Safely: Specialty is a HIPAA compliant answering service and adheres to the guidelines outlined by HIPAA, so you don’t have to worry about violating any rules. Any message we send you, whether it’s by email or text, will not contain any patient information. The messages you receive will simply say: “You have a new message, please log into your portal for details.” At which point you can view the message via our secure online portal, or our secure mobile app!

The Benefits.

SAS is here to help you increase work productivity in the office, convert new leads into more business and help cut down on costs, all while giving you the flexibility you need to run a medical practice.

  • 24/7 Live Receptionists: Our pool of 300+ operators are available to answer your calls around the clock, even on nights, weekends and holidays. Gone are the days where your patients are required to leave a voicemail in hopes that someone will return their call during business hours.
  • Secure Online Portal & Mobile App: Having a secure online portal allows you to log on at anytime to view the details of your messages, and listen to calls! Within the portal you can generate reports, rate the operators and even send calls to other doctors in the office. Our HIPAA-compliant online portal allows us to stay up to code while offering the OBGYN offices we answer for an easy way to check their messages and stay on top of business. Can’t get to a computer? No problem! Download our free mobile app for iPhone and Android users to check messages, listen to calls and respond to patients on-the-go.
  • HIPAA HITECH Compliant: As a 3rd party business associate, we understand how important it is to comply with HIPAA regulations. Since SAS is an extension of your business,  you don’t have to worry about violating any rules, or having your patient’s private health information leaked. We strive on great customer service and if applicable will enter into a Business Associates Agreement with your medical office.
  • Professional Representation: When your patients call into your office, they expect to speak with someone who is professional, friendly, and eager to help. When your patients call us, they will experience the same level of customer support that they are used to receiving from your company. After all, your business is our business!
  • Affordable Pricing: All of our pricing plans are broken down into cost effective thresholds which we help monitor for you. If you happen to exceed your threshold in any given month, we’ll send you an alert suggesting an upgrade to help make sure you don’t wind up paying more in overages. With all the extra money you’ll be saving you could invest in some state of the art ultrasound machine!

Managing a business is hard, and when your business revolves around taking care of other people, it can be even harder. That is why Specialty Answering Service is here to assist you with all of your needs as an OBGYN. We understand that you could be called in to delivery at any time, and that you rely on the quick thinking and action of others to insure that you get the call.

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