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In the computer repair industry, response time is everything. If you can help a customer faster than your competitors and get their computer up and running again, that customer is more likely to refer your business to colleagues and come back to you in the future. To increase response time, you need to effectively manage existing appointments, schedule new ones, and field incoming calls, all simultaneously. Unfortunately, your business takes you out of the office frequently, and you don’t have much time to man the phones. If you’re trying to respond to customers from your cell phone, you risk missing important calls and presenting an unprofessional image. You really need an answering service that values your time as much as you do, an answering service that customizes their support to fit the needs of your business. You need Specialty’s computer repair answering service.

The average techie bills $60 an hour. Missing even 10 calls a week is a $600 loss! For about $3 a day, SAS ensures you’ll never miss another call or a chance to geek out.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

At SAS, we know that 67% of customers will hang up the phone out of frustration if they can’t speak to a real person, and we ensure that a courteous receptionist is always there to greet your customers. We are more than just an answering service, though; we can help you to process orders and shipments, schedule appointments, and even make outbound reminder calls to your clients, thereby eliminating miscommunication and no-shows. Our team gives your repair company the professional image that you strive for, without breaking the bank. Easy to use and adaptable to whatever web-based systems and protocols you already have in place, our number one concern is putting you in touch with as many customers as possible. We are your true service, sales, and logistics solutions partners.

What We Can Do.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that customers will always receive the very best care from our helpful live-voice agents. Our team of over 300 highly trained representatives is accustomed to handling more than 10,000 inbound calls a day, and with bilingual staff fluent in both English and Spanish, we are prepared to work with your diverse clientele.

  • 24/7 Answering Service: We work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to represent your brand. Computer emergencies can happen at unusual hours. So when a college student is panicked because his hard drive crashed at 2 a.m. during finals week, we make sure there is always an agent ready to listen and quickly schedule repair appointments.
  • Lead Capture: When it comes to lead capture, we believe that timing is everything. That is why we work diligently to answer your phones in 3 rings or less. We understand the importance of prompt assistance in making sure callers choose your business over your competitors. Couple that with friendly, knowledgeable staff, and you’ll have positive customer service experiences across the board.
  • Tech Check-In: For larger technology customers who may subcontract out to smaller, local businesses when their products require repair, we can act as an employee check-in and check-out service, assuring that your techs are where they need to be, whenever they need to be there. If employees can’t make an appointment, it can be as easy as reporting the absence to SAS where we can follow your protocols to line up another technician for the meeting.
  • Experts in Order Processing: Because you may offer add-on components such as software, cables, accessories, refurbished systems, etc., we can utilize your pre-existing online software to manage orders for your company. We can take orders, process payments, and provide tracking info for your customers.
  • Appointment Scheduling & Dispatching: Seamless integration into your online calendar allows us to schedule, modify or cancel tech appointments throughout the day. This ensures that the turnaround between a request and a filled service order is almost immediate. Staff will be alerted of changes via phone, email, text, or pager, allowing you to adjust your agenda accordingly. We can even provide callers with estimates based on your fees and services list, and if you would like, we can take down payment information prior to dispatch.

The Benefits.

Collaborating with us means you are dedicated to customer service excellence, and that you are ready to take your company to the next level. We present a polished image at all times, making certain that customers will continue to frequent your business when they need help.

  • Professional Representation: Presenting a professional image is essential in the competitive computer repair industry. Quality telephone services from SAS start with a greeting tailored to your business. We will work with you to customize call scripts, and with a list of FAQs you provide, we are also able to assist callers with simple requests or concerns. All appointments and messages are confirmed for accuracy to maximize your efficiency.
  • No Additional Staffing: The agents at our national call center work remotely and virtually, reducing the need to hire, train, or provide for new staff members. Without the worry of a busy phone, this frees up your existing staff to expend more energy on what they do best – keeping your customers’ computers in tip-top shape!
  • Reduced Costs: Working with us, you are only paying for the operator time you use. There is no employee hourly or salaried rate that you have to worry about and no expensive equipment to purchase, install, or maintain. With month-to-month contracts and per-minute billing, you can save more, and pocket those dollars to help grow your business.

Using your existing staff to manage all of your calls is a waste of resources. Let SAS shoulder that responsibility and give your employees the freedom to do the work they were hired to do. The right answering service can give you an edge that will put you far above the competition. Get started on our 2-week free trial. You have nothing to lose! Specialty is the leading provider of computer repair answering services, making the Escape key obsolete.

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