Compare IVR companies.

Compare IVR Systems

Customers can more easily direct their calls via IVR technology. By using pre-existing options, speech recognition, and keypad presses, callers can locate the departments they need, and service their own inquiries. Integrated voice technology is efficient and convenient. When choosing to work with an IVR system, it is important to remember that the system should be directly proportional to the volume of calls a business receives.

When the technology was first developed, it was complex and costly. Then as hard drive technology advanced, prices came down. With the advent of digital technology, the price of IVR became even more affordable, and is now a critical part of call centers and front-end customer service platforms.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • What IVR is
  • How to choose the right service
  • The pros and cons of the top providers
  • Features comparison chart
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