Learn about Ronald A. Katz.

Ronald A. Katz

Ronald Katz is a telecom scientist who has dominated the call center hardware and software industry for years, with over 52 patents to his credit. Through his patents, he has earned over $1 billion in fees. RAKTL fees (otherwise known as Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing fees) are based on the number of minutes that an organization has used his technology.

Katz typically comes by his profits by filing law suits for patent infringement against enterprise-level businesses. Each suit pays $2-$3 million on average, and as a result, Katz is thought of as a ‘patent troll’ who is trying to bilk money from profitable corporations. Despite his reputation, companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and AT&T have paid up.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • Introduction to Ronald A. Katz
  • Lawsuits and opposition to Katz’s claims
  • Discussion of patents held
  • Impact on the call center industry
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