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Your front desk staff may be taking a break, but your phones aren’t. 24-hour overflow support from SAS can help!

In today’s marketplace, corporate giants have the monopoly, and they’re not very good at sharing with the underdog. So, how do you stay relevant when you’re a small or medium-sized corporation? If you’re missing calls, leads can fall through the cracks faster than sand in an hourglass. What you need is a surefire way to catch every opportunity that you have to build bridges and expand your reach. And SAS’ corporate answering service can help. Whether you’re reception staff is off to lunch, half the company is in a board meeting, or your sales department is out networking, our live-operator service is at the ready to pick up the calls that you and your team can’t grab. Let SAS be your corporation’s front-end receptionist, or your “Press 0 for live help” operator.

We’re available 24 hours a day, so you can forward your lines all day long, or just use us when you need backup. From basic message taking to appointment scheduling to online order placement, we have you covered. And with customizable telephone messaging options, we can even transfer important calls to you or reach out to your staff for emergencies. Sounds like a good fit, right? Find out for sure with our free trial!

The more relationships you create, the bigger your big business becomes. For about $3 a day, let SAS’ corporate answering services help you take your corporation from small to super-sized in no time.

SASProfessional Answering Service Solutions

What happens when your customers get trapped in your IVR and need live help? What happens when your receptionist is out sick? Do you have a backup or rollover line? And what if your backup needs backup? At some point, a call is going to be missed. The reason why big businesses stay big is because a live person is always there when a customer needs assistance, whether it’s to answer a simple question, or field a call to your corporate compliance line. Building a business is about building relationships. And as convenient as voicemail may be, it just can’t replace a human being. That’s no way to do business, especially in this world of instant gratification. Most consumers prefer to speak with a live person, and that’s what SAS’ corporate answering service brings to the table. No voicemail, no automated systems. Only real calls with real people.

What We Can Do.

The most successful corporations are those that put their customers first. And that means ensuring that they can reach you consistently, any time of day. SAS is the answering service for exactly that. From overflow assistance to round-the-clock coverage, we are on the job.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: While some callers require in-depth assistance, others may only need a few details, such as your office address or business hours. Armed with a list of key questions and answers, operators can field those calls with ease.
  • Corporate Hotlines: Set up an anonymous corporate compliance hotline, ethics hotline, employee hotline, or whistleblower hotline to help uncover small problems before they turn into major issues. If you already have a major issue on your hands, establishing a recall hotline will give your customers reassurance that you’re taking the problem seriously.
  • A Live Receptionist Option: When your IVR’s options menu can’t meet customers’ needs, it’s time for intervention from a live receptionist. By routing the operator IVR option to SAS, you’ll have an expert agent available when your customers need one.
  • Real-Time Message Delivery: When your front desk staff comes back from lunch, you can bet that they don’t want to sift through a string of voicemails. We can help. Anytime our operators take a call, we can alert you immediately by phone, text, email, or pager.
  • Bilingual Operators: If you have a sizeable Spanish-speaking customer base, our bilingual operator pool is at your service. Callers will receive the friendly assistance they need, in the language in which they are most comfortable.

The Benefits.

  • Efficient Reception: Your reception desk staff will breathe a sigh of relief when they can take a coffee break without missing a beat.
  • Stay PCI Compliant & ISO 27001 Certified: Whether your corporation is taking credit card data or just trying to safeguard your customers’ personal information, PCI compliance and ISO certification are a must. Let Specialty Answering Service take your calls, and you can put those worries to rest.
  • Eliminate Expensive Corporate Phone Systems: Whatever the size of your corporation, office phones are expensive. When you let us handle your calls, you’ll eliminate the added cost of a complex telecom system.
  • Lead Capture: In any business, new leads are always welcome. 24/7, live-operator support will help grow your customer base.
  • Personalized Service: Make exceptional service a priority. Connecting with a real person lets people know that they are more than just another phone call.
  • Reduce Expenses: Rather than managing your own call center, outsource to ours. The cost savings from having a third party manage your corporate phone calls can be tremendous.

Specialty Answering Service gives your corporation the relationship-building live agents it needs to rise above the crowd. With phone coverage 365 days a year, you’ll never miss a call or a chance to show your customers how much you value their business. Contact us for more information, or cut through the corporate red tape, and try our answering service for free today!

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