Third party verification services.

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Third party verification: it’s definitely not a guessing game.

No matter what your industry, chances are that third party verification (TPV) is or will become a necessary aspect of your business. There are countless organizations now using TPV, which is mandated by the Federal Trade and Federal Communications Commissions. From attorneys to auto dealers, telecommunications to utilities service provider, hospitals, government offices or travel agencies, these and so many other industries require TPV to ensure security for their clients. When it comes to TPV services, utilizing live receptionist services to walk consumers through the verification process can give them greater assurance that they are not just another number to your organization, but a valued part of your future success. If you are looking for a phone verification service that can put a personal touch on a very necessary facet of all consumer transactions, then look no further. Specialty’s third party verification answering service has the solutions you need to protect your customer base, one call at a time.

The annual cost of fraud to U.S. organizations is $1 trillion. Don’t become a statistic. For about $6 a day, the right TPV service will protect your customers and your reputation.

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In 2011, identity theft cost consumers approximately $1.52 billion. With such a staggering statistic, you know that customers are depending on you to protect their security at every turn, and in this day and age, nothing is more important. If customers do not believe in your ability to safeguard their personal information from unauthorized use, you can bet they will be looking to one of your competitors. SAS’ experienced team of professionals is trained twice as long as the industry standard. We have an extensive system of internal and external quality control checks to maintain the highest degree of accuracy in all transactions, and all calls are recorded for your future use.

How It Works.

Our local call center staffs for 55% efficiency. That means our 300 U.S.-based operators are sitting idle 45% of the time, so someone is always available to answer for your organization. We have the capacity to handle upwards of 30,000 inbound calls a day, and our commitment to prompt service ensures that every call will be answered within 3 rings or less. When you sign on with Specialty’s TPV service, you can expect:

  • Customized Call Scripting: No two businesses are alike, so no two businesses should have the same in-call script. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to develop a protocol to follow when operators respond to your calls. Using your guidelines, we will ask callers the appropriate questions without creating confusion, so that fast, exacting confirmation can be obtained. Information is documented according to your specifications, and reports are generated at regular intervals for your review. Meeting all regulatory procedures, we are compliant as required by the FTC, FCC, PUC, PSC, and state-level agencies.
  • Security Guaranteed: We are one of the few call centers to have complete ISO 27001 certification and PCI compliance, making us a secure asset to your business. You can rest assured that your customers’ data is safe and sound, protected by the finest technology in the industry. We continuously upgrade our systems to align with the most advanced equipment available in today’s market, guaranteeing you will always receive the highest level of service possible.
  • Bilingual Representation: The United States is a melting pot, growing in diversity with each passing day. It is not enough to provide service solely in English. To accommodate the expanding Hispanic community, bilingual live-voice agents are essential. That is why we have a significant percentage of bilingual staff, fluent in both English and Spanish. Eliminating language barriers establishes trust and makes your organization more accessible to the community at large.
  • 24-Hour Service: The need for TPV can come at any hour of the day, any day of the year. We lead busy lives, and we don’t always have time to make calls during the traditional 9 to 5 business day. That is why we offer around-the-clock service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your office doors may be closed, but we are always open!

The Benefits.

Reliability is the name of the game in third party verification. No matter the size of your business, we have services to meet your needs. Automated answering systems are no match for the professional, friendly care your clients will receive when greeted by one of our live-voice receptionists. We offer both inbound and outbound verification for your convenience. Here are just a few of the benefits of pairing up with the industry’s best:

  • Always Professional: In any business, presenting a professional image to callers is half the battle. When it comes to professional customer care, we are the experts. We believe that there is nothing more important to a company’s reputation than providing unfailing customer service excellence. Every call your business receives is an opportunity to show clients that you are dedicated not just to your own success, but to making sure that each one of your patrons is given the same respect and consideration that you would expect if it were you on the other end of the line.
  • Seamless Integration: Utilizing your online databases and software, we can integrate into the systems you already have in place, making the information we enter immediately accessible to your staff. Our programmers can have you up and running within a few hours, and changes can be easily implemented to address any particular needs you may have.
  • Always Affordable: In today’s economy, we are often required to do more with less. Businesses have smaller operating budgets and have to find ways to minimize costs without sacrificing quality and efficiency. At SAS, we understand economic concerns and that is why we offer flexible, cost-effective service to fit any budget. Month-to-month plans mean you are not locked into any lengthy contracts, and per-minute billing assures that you are only paying for the operator time you use.

Compromising on TPV services can have disastrous effects on your business and your reputation. So when it comes to your good name, partner with a company that has years of experience and is known throughout the industry as a trusted provider. If you aren’t 100% sure we are what you need, we invite you to get started on our 2-week free trial. Give us a test drive, no strings attached. We are confident in our abilities, and we want you to feel the same! Specialty is the leading call center for third party verification, offering the security and precision that will protect your clients, and your standing in the marketplace.

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