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As an eBay seller, garnering a positive reputation among buyers is critical to long-term success. Studies show that most buyers will not purchase anything from a seller without a feedback score of 97% or higher. Whether you work privately from home or you manage a physical eBay store, it is essential to put the customer first in all of your transactions. Nonetheless, you need to keep costs low while continuing to increase sales. You need a national call center that can provide customer service support while helping you generate more revenue. You need SAS’ eBay call center.

The 2013 1st quarter value of goods sold worldwide on eBay was $18 billion. In this competitive industry, every call counts. SAS offers 24/7 support for under $3 a day.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

SAS is an all-in-one service, sales, and logistics solutions provider. Our services are ideal for the eBay storeowner or the individual seller. We customize our offerings to best suit your personal needs. Statistics show that e-commerce sellers backed by around-the-clock online order taking show a 94% higher success rate than those that are not. We are always open, working hard to double, or even triple your sales numbers. Whether we’re providing information about products and shipping or processing orders and handling customer complaints, our live-voice receptionists lend a professional touch to your eBay transactions.

What We Can Do.

Our team of more than 300 call center representatives can field inbound calls, collect shipping and billing information, explain product details, and even respond to requests for product pictures. With bilingual staff fluent in both English and Spanish, our operators can help your prospective buyers, no matter what their needs might be. All in all, we handle frontend operations so you can spend more time focusing on inventory and business management.

  • 24/7 Answering Service: Our agents are on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to man your phones. Many people do their online shopping after traditional business hours; you may also have international clientele, so your business will benefit from continuous coverage. We will be ready to greet your buyers whenever they decide to contact your business.
  • Experts in Order Processing: We can use your existing online software and databases to input orders, process payments, and schedule shipments. We can also assist with FAQs, billing inquiries and package tracking to help shoulder the responsibility of your in-house staff. With the necessary information at our disposal, we can help facilitate sales and move merchandise.
  • Large Ticket Item FAQs: When selling large or oversized items such as cars, couches, art, motorcycles, appliances and the like, shipping may need to be arranged by the purchaser. eBay retailers often have preferred shipping vendors, and they typically direct purchasers to call a particular number for estimates. With a detailed list of size, weight, and delivery area details, our agents can provide callers with the shipping information they need. In addition, using SAS’ professional answering services as the primary contact for larger ticket item sales can lend increased legitimacy to the transaction.
  • Help Desk Support: There’s nothing worse in the world of eBay than a negative seller rating. We will combat this problem by providing customer support and managing the complaints of unsatisfied buyers. Your image is our top priority, and we promise to protect it with superior customer service.

The Benefits.

When you partner with our affordable answering service, you experience the immediate benefit of having a live operator at your disposal. Research shows that this one modification doubles sales for eBay businesses. We ensure that the needs of your customers are met, and that your position as a trusted and reliable seller is solidified.

  • Professional Representation: Presenting a professional image to clients is essential in any business, and even more so for the online business owner, whom customers are not able to see in person. When an answering service is the only “real person” link to your business, it needs to be impeccable. Our highly skilled, friendly agents respond to every current and prospective client with a greeting and call script tailored to the specifics of your business. All orders are confirmed for accuracy to maximize your efficiency.
  • Reduced Operating Expenses: The agents at our call centers work remotely and virtually, which means there is no need for you to carve out space in an office for additional employees, and no hourly or salaried rates to worry about. There is no expensive equipment to purchase or install – we have it covered. Pay for only the operator time you use, and potentially save your company thousands of dollars in the process.
  • Increased Productivity: When customers’ requests are coming in at a rapid fire pace, your employees are probably so busy entering orders that they have little time to focus on actually fulfilling and shipping them, or keeping tabs on your inventory. Our operators can help. Taking away the burden of a busy phone leads to increased productivity and happier employees.

Make the switch that has contributed to the improved performance of the most successful eBay sellers. A partnership with the industry’s best answering service can take your business to the next level. Get started on our 2-week free trial and see the SAS difference firsthand. There are no hidden fees or gimmicks, so you have nothing to lose! Specialty is the leading call center for eBay retailers, making selling a breeze for you, and buying a breeze for your customers.

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