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24-Hour live customer service has never been easier. Or more affordable.

Specialty's Charleston answering service is your receptionist, sales staff, customer service department, after hours hero, and the best thing that will ever happen to your small business. Our live agents are available 24 hours a day to help any fast growing company deliver superior customer support. Our complete suite of powerful services make running your business easier. SAS answers your telephones, kicks up your sales, makes customer support accessible, and even provides automated services like voicemail and IVR (with live operator options of course). There are thousands of companies using SAS' live receptionists, from small businesses to large national brands. And with over 300 employees standing by, you can be sure someone will always be here to represent your company.

Everyone needs support sometimes. You need to be there to deliver it when they come calling, emailing, or live chatting. Specialty Answering Service is built to make your business customer centric 24 hours a day across any support channel, and we're pretty easy to tap into. We provide you with a toll free or local phone number available in Charleston exchanges. When you forward your calls to us, our operators become your small businesses ambassadors. From basic telephone answering services to more complex contact center and call center services, we are ready to help you amaze your customers. Give us a try for free!

Behind every great small business is a great answering service.

Empty Office? Go Virtual.

Go Virtual or Go Broke. Seriously.

At about $14.91 a square foot, a modest 500 SF office in Charleston costs $621 a month*! With salaries and expenses, funds fly out the window. Small businesses pay SAS about $169/month for 24/7 virtual support. Amazing assistants, no office space overhead.

Receptionist at Work

Make Better Use Of Your Staff.

A constantly ringing phone can decrease productivity. The average yearly salary for receptionists in Charleston is about $30,610, and one assistant is never enough. SAS costs most small businesses about $169/month. We'll handle your phones. Let your receptionists help run your business.

Real Cost of Employees

The Real Cost of Employees.

When you factor in payroll, taxes, benefits, hiring, training, rent, and utilities - each employee in Charleston costs your business an average of $384 a day. SAS can provide around the clock coverage for about 23¢ an hour.

  • *: Loopnet market trends report (loopnet.com). 12/2013.
  • : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics National Compensation Survey (bls.gov). 12/2013.
  • : [$17 (avg. salary) x 2.7 (web.mit.edu/e-club/hadzima/how-much-does-an-employee-cost.html)] x cost of living index. 12/2013.

The most nimble answering service in Charleston. Scale big. Keep the customer experience personal.

  • Telemarketing Services: Got prospects? Our live operators can make outbound calls to your list of potential clients for direct sales or appointment setting.
  • After Hours: 24/7 messaging for emergency calls, non-emergency business communications, and anything else you can think of.
  • Small Business: Rockin' receptionists, reduced rates, rave reviews, and did we mention, a free trial? Start things off right. Specialty is the best answering service for small businesses in Charleston.
  • Voicemail Services: Virtual receptionists are a steal at a flat rate of .15 per minute. Callers can leave a voice message or can ‘Press 1′ to speak with a live operator.
  • Medical Answering: Phone support for doctors, physicians, and other healthcare offices.
  • Customer Service: Extend telephone and email client support to 24 hours, and customize how your virtual assistants troubleshoot service issues for a truly personal and professional experience.
  • 800 Service: Toll free and local Charleston numbers available at no charge. Additional virtual numbers cost $5 each.
  • Industry Specific Solutions: Experienced call handling for lawyers, funeral homes and directors, real estate offices, and HVAC contractors among hundreds of other industries.
  • Bilingual Receptionist: Se habla Espanol? We do! Calls can be answered in Spanish at no extra charge.
  • Nationwide Call Center: The reliable dispatch and professional 24-hour phone support you expect from a national provider with the personal touch that only a local Charleston based service can deliver.
  • Cheap Pricing: Your cell phone is ringing, but you can't find it! Don't stress. Send your callers to us. With per minute rate packages starting at $34 per month, the choice is simple.
  • Order Taking: Inbound support for your Internet orders and a live-voice virtual assistant entering information into your shopping cart system. It's the most cost effective way to increase sales.
  • Virtual Office: With rates starting at $34, why not consider outsourcing your whole business? Get everything you need to go virtual including 800 numbers, online account access, and 24-hour call coverage.
  • 24-Hour Reliability: Our call centers have battery and generator backup with redundant phone lines from different carriers. You can trust that SAS' Charleston answering service will be there for you in an emergency.
  • Security: We are both PCI and HIPAA compliant, and are one of the few answering services that are ISO27001 certified. ISO what? Don't worry, your data is safe with us!

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304, 681

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