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No one puts baby in the corner!

If you have kids or even if you’re remotely related to one, you know that they get sick all the time. Kids are constantly touching things and spreading germs like it’s their job, which means parents are always reaching out to their pediatricians a whole lot, basically 24 hours a day, constantly. With Specialty’s pediatrics medical answering service at your beck and call, you don’t have to worry about missing another phone call, and all those new parents can rest assured that their babies will be taken care of. SAS helps you foster lifetime relationships with the children you care for by offering a 24 hour connection to the doctors they trust the most.

Children are our future, and we are here to help you take care of them.

SASA Pediatrics Answering Service

What We Can Do.

Kids are amazing, beautiful little creatures, but they’ll scare the heck out of you. Whether it’s because their weak immune systems make them susceptible to all types of illnesses, or because they’re fearless and think they can do anything without consequence, there’s no telling what you’ll have to deal with on a day to day basis. And there’s nothing scarier than waiting for a response from your pediatrician when you’re in full on panic mode. With our pediatrics answering service, you can focus on treating patients while we focus on triaging your calls and giving parents peace of mind.

  • Answer Your Calls 24/7: Let’s face it, when there’s a sick kid screaming in your ear or throwing up all over the place, the last thing you want is to have to leave a voicemail. When your kids hurt, you hurt, and you want to be able to help them no matter what. That’s where we come in. Our 300+ operators are ready to answer your calls any day and time (yes, even holidays!) to insure your patients are taken care of. We may not be able to treat them ourselves, but we can assure them that we can get in touch with someone who can.
  • Dispatch Urgent Calls:  Kids don’t always get sick during business hours. No matter what the issue is, or what time it is, our pediatrics medical answering service can dispatch emergency calls to your on-call physician immediately after hanging up with a caller.  Send us your schedule in advance, or update it on-the-go using our flexible on-call platform in your secure, online portal.
  • Schedule Appointments:  Need us to schedule appointments? No problem! Parents often need to make, schedule, or cancel appointments for their children regularly. Maybe those 1 year boosters need to be rescheduled. Maybe your child has a fever that isn’t breaking and you want to schedule a same day consultation before it gets worse. Maybe your child looked like they were on the verge of hospitalization at 9:00 AM, and were ready for a marathon by 9:30 AM. If you use Google Calendar, easily link up your account via our Google Calendar app in your portal. Configure your appointment settings, business hours, and any advanced services you may need and just like that our two business can be working as one. Don’t use Google Calendar? That’s fine too! As long as we don’t have access to PHI (protected health information) after the call, we can schedule appointments right on your website.
  • Send Messages Safely: Specialty’s pediatrics answering service is a HIPAA compliant answering service, so you don’t have to worry about violating any rules. Any message we send you, whether it’s by email or text, will not contain any patient information. The messages you receive will simply say: “You have a new message, please log into your portal for details.” At which point you can view the message via our secure online portal, or our secure mobile app! Peace of mind for your patients is amazing. Peace of mind knowing that your calls are being handled according to government regulations is priceless.

The Benefits.

Whether you use us during business hours, after hours, or both, SAS is here to act as an extension to your business. Our amazing sales and support teams will work with you to customize your call handling exactly how you want it, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling through the cracks.

  • Customizable Features: Working with us means that you’ll have plenty of options in every aspect of the service. We can customize your script to fit the needs of your business, so that our operators have different choices to pick from. For example, urgent calls can result in a reach out to the pediatrician, new patients calls can result in an appointment set, and everything else can result in a general message. If your on-call pediatricians schedule changes based on the day of the week or the time of day, we can customize that as well. If your callers ask a lot of questions about payment options, accepted insurances or services you offer, we got you covered with our Frequently Asked Questions section! Whatever you need, we are there for you to make your callers’ experience as seamless as possible.
  • Bilingual Operators: Your patients, or their parents, speak more than one language. Partnering with SAS means having access to a team of operators who understand both English and Spanish. Our bilingual agents can do everything our English only operator pool can do – including scheduling appointments, dispatching the pediatricians, and more.
  • Secure Online Portal & Mobile App: Having a secure online portal allows you to log on at anytime to view the details of your messages, track when and how our pediatrics answering service representatives contacted your oncall pediatrician, rate agents, and even listen to calls! You are also free to add other users to the portal and set their permissions so that you are in complete control of who has access to your messages. Our HIPAA-compliant online portal allows us to stay up to code while offering the pediatric offices we answer for an easy way to check their messages and stay on top of business. Can’t get to a computer? Download our free mobile app for iPhone and Android users to check messages, listen to calls and respond to patients on-the-go.
  • Affordable Professional Representation: Our operators here at SAS are all professionally trained, friendly, and eager to help your callers. Instead of hiring more employees to answer your calls in house, save some money by hiring our virtual receptionists! With our affordable pricing structure, we’ll help monitor your usage and send you alerts when you’d save money by upgrading to a higher plan for the month. With all the extra money you’ll be saving (and making), you can reinvest in the growth of your business – aka more lollipops, stickers, and toys!
  • Answering Calls Quickly: It’s a given that no one likes waiting on hold, especially worried parents. Specialty Answering Service has one of the best answer rates in the answering service industry, which we monitor both hourly and daily. Our amazing answer rate allows us to answer your calls quickly, so your callers can get the assistance they need no matter what time it is. If they do happen to experience a hold and decide to hang up, our operators can even call them back. Talk about great customer service!

As a pediatrician, we understand that you’re busy. How many times can a new mother call in because she’s worried about her child? The answer is: a lot. On top of trying to calm new parents down, you also have to deal with your day to day responsibilities and still make time for your own personal life. Don’t let responsibility of being a pediatrician get you overwhelmed. Our amazing and caring staff is here around the clock to give you and your patients the best care imaginable.

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