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Heads up! You’ve been struck by a smooth criminal law answering service.

As a criminal lawyer, you are the person that people go to when they’re in a bind. Whatever the case may be, people rely upon you to help them out, which is why you can rely on Specialty’s criminal lawyer answering service to help make sure your callers are taken care of when they need you the most. Our 300+ professional operators are available around the clock to convert new clients into more business, take messages while you’re in court, transfer urgent calls after hours, strengthen your reputation as the best criminal lawyer, and ultimately help keep your business running smoothly!

According to the FBI’s UCR, thousands of people are accused of committing a crime each year, which means a lot of phone calls to your office. SAS is in your corner, helping you help your clients and defending your reputation.

SASThe Answering Service for Criminal Lawyers

What We Can Do.

At Specialty Answering Service, there isn’t much we can’t do – at least with respect to live answering service support. Aside from a live receptionist answering your calls and taking messages 24/7, we offer a wide array of features, both flexible and customizable, to help you boost productivity around the office, cut down on costs, and generally make your life easier. Once you try us, you’ll find that having a live answering service managing your calls helps you improve organization, maximize efficiency, and actually grows your law firm!

  • Schedule Appointments: Whether we’re scheduling consultations for new clients to see if you’d be able to take their case, or scheduling follow up appointments for your current clients, our receptionists are here to make your life easier. We can work with almost any web based scheduling platform, which means you don’t have to go out of your way to learn a new system. Give us your appointment parameters and we’ll work on plugging in the pieces.
  • Keep Client Information Confidential: As a customer, you have the option to have your calls recorded or not. While having the option of going back and listening to your calls does come in handy, it may turn off potential callers from the onset. For example, if a prospect calls your number and hears that the call may be recorded for quality assurance, they may get spooked and hang up. Oh no! However, you may want the calls recorded to minimize liability. The decision is entirely up to you!
  • Dispatch Urgent Calls: As your virtual secretary, we help you keep track of potential clients and professional contacts, all while not letting any opportunity slip through the cracks. When someone is accused of a crime, they aren’t going to wait until business hours to speak with a lawyer – we can get you the message. If you’re expecting a call back from a judge, you may want those calls dispatched to you ASAP – we can get you the message. If you prefer not to receive collect calls from prisons – we don’t have to get you those messages! SAS can screen callers to see why they’re calling, and we can transfer any calls to you based on the call screening protocol you provide. Let us know how and when we should reach out to you, and we’ll make sure you get the message.
  • Integrate with CRMs: If you use a CRM (Customer Relations Management) platform to manage your clientele, then there’s a good chance we can sync up our systems so that whatever information we gather from your callers can automatically push through to your software. Don’t speak API? No worries – we do. This is not only a huge time saver, but it also helps keep everything organized for efficient data tracking.

The Benefits.

When you work alongside Specialty Answering Service, you’re working with a dedicated team of people that understand great relationships and great customer service go hand in hand. The best criminal law practices are built around relationships. Whether you’re starting to build a relationship with a prospective client, or fostering your relationship with the local district attorney on a lunch outing, we’re here to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

  • Professional Representation: As a criminal defense lawyer, people trust you with their lives, so it’s important that your reputation is impeccable. With our receptionists representing your firm, you don’t have to worry about that reputation flying out the window. Our team of professionally trained operators will uphold your business standards to ensure that you are represented accurately, so that your business can continue to grow. Never worry about calls slipping through the cracks again.
  • Convert Leads into Business: Every time your phone rings, you have the opportunity to expand your client base. When your criminal law practice is using our answering service, you can focus on your current cases while we work on securing new cases. Our operators are available to answer and screen calls, schedule appointments, dispatch urgent messages, and basically be so awesome that it’s borderline criminal. Lock us up!
  • Respond to Clients On The Go: Criminal lawyers are the track stars of the legal world. More often than not, your daily involves running back and forth between your office and the courthouse, which means you may not always have the time to check your emails. What about those important calls? With SAS, that’s not a problem! Download our virtual receptionist app for iPhone and Android to access all of your messages on the go, and respond to clients from the app itself. Right swipe or left swipe, no worries – we still love you.
  • Bilingual Answering: With the number of culturally diverse people living in America increasing each year, not all of your clients are going to speak English. Bilingual representation is so important in any field of law, and it’s equally important that your answering service offers that kind of diversity. And ours does! Take advantage of our bilingual virtual receptionist agents as an opportunity to drive new revenue to your firm.
  • Affordable Pricing: According to US News, a receptionist’s salary can range from $20,000-$40,000 a year. With our affordable answering service pricing, you can spend less than $400 a year for a whole team of virtual receptionists. Take those savings and reinvest in the growth of your company!

Holding someone’s life in the palm of your hands is no easy feat. Each case you work could either mean freedom or imprisonment for the clients that hire you, so it’s important to stay on top of your law game at all costs. Our answering service team has worked with thousands of criminal law firms just like yours. With our professional guidance, setting up the perfect receptionist script is easy. Let our answering service experts get you setup on our platform, and step in to take care of answering your calls – all while you iron out a fool-proof plan to ensure your clients  can sleep peacefully at night.

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