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People watch television at all hours of the day, so as the owner of a cable or satellite company, you need a professional, courteous answering service that can communicate with your clients around-the-clock, whenever they decide to pick up the remote. Offering this service in-house can be costly: it requires staffing, purchasing new equipment, and valuable time for training and implementation. Nonetheless, customer service is not a facet of your business you can neglect; 45% of customers leave a company because of poor service. Ultimately, you need to reduce costs while still offering a fantastic customer service experience. That’s where Specialty’s cable call center comes in.

Is revenue on the fritz? With SAS fielding your inbound calls, you can save over 50% on internal costs! Just think of all the premium channels you could buy with that!

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

SAS offers the same high quality response as an in-house answering service for a fraction of the cost. Working with our national service guarantees that a team of skilled receptionists will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your customers. If you’re really looking to cut down on expenses, we provide an automated service that can be supplemented with live-voice answering. Our features are completely customizable to the needs of the satellite and cable tv industry.

What We Can Do.

With a team of over 300 call center representatives, we can manage upwards of 30,000 inbound calls a day. We also employ agents who are fluent in both English and Spanish, and our bilingual service will enable you to communicate with a more diverse client base. More than just a cable call center, we are a complete service, sales, and logistics solutions provider.

  • Process Help Desk Requests: Following your company’s procedures and protocols, our operators can assist your customers with routine cable technical support and service requests as well as FAQs. Certain cases may require a bit more expertise. In those instances, we will patch the calls to your technical support personnel.
  • Answer Billing Questions: We are able to interface with your pre-existing online billing system, making it easy for us to respond to billing inquiries, provide necessary account information, process refunds, and anything else that you would like our operators to manage. Having an immediate link to your billing department can keep unhappy customers from dropping service and help increase customer retention.
  • Schedule for Service: Tying into your support/ticketing system allows us to schedule service calls for repairs or new installations. We can contact your field team via phone, text, pager, or email, locating the closest technician to the job, and adjusting our dispatching services to accommodate your on-call schedule rotation. Outbound reminder calls to clients will also keep your calendar full, eliminating downtime and no-shows.

The Benefits.

SAS never outsources your calls to foreign countries. Every client will be greeted by our team of experienced representatives, based entirely within the United States. Whether SAS’ cable call center is managing all of your calls, or acting as overflow for your customer care division, you can rest assured that we will treat every customer with the utmost care.

  • 24/7 Brand Representation: In the cable television industry, we know that customers’ calls do not always come in during the convenient 9-5 business day. That is why we staff our call centers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is always someone available to represent your brand name and keep your reputation shining.
  • Improved Customer Retention: Bad service results in lost customers. It’s that simple. Customer retention is the key to your success, and the right call center is the key to customer retention. Whether we are authorized to offer additional services at no cost, or make minor billing adjustments, we will do everything in our power to keep your client relationships from going south.
  • No Additional Staffing: The agents at our call centers work remotely and virtually, negating the need for you to hire, train, or provide for additional receptionists or administrative personnel. We have it covered!
  • Reduced Costs: With per-minute billing, you only pay for the operator time you use. We offer month-to-month contracts and our call center services are always affordable. There is no new equipment to purchase or install, and that translates into reduced operating expenses, and an increase in your bottom line. Pay for what you need, and save your cable or satellite company thousands of dollars.

Still not convinced that we can deliver consistent customer service excellence for your long list of clients? We invite you to sign up for our 2-week free trial – no strings attached. So call today and give us a test drive. Once you see firsthand how we can benefit your business, you will wonder how you ever got along without us. Specialty is the leading call center provider for cable television providers, ensuring that customers stay tuned in to your channel year in and year out.

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