What is DNIS.

What Is DNIS

DNIS, or Dialed Number Identification Service, allows the call recipient to identify which number the caller dialed. This technology is particularly useful for call centers where calls may come in from different 800 or 900 numbers on the same PBX port. DNIS gives call centers the ability to identify the dialed number and track calls for a specific campaign.

Practical applications for DNIS range from routing calls to a specific agent or group of agents based on the number a caller dials, to measuring the success of a business’ marketing efforts. Integrating this technology drastically improves the possibility of first call resolution, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, and giving businesses a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • DNIS technology overview
  • How DNIS can improve call center metrics
  • Practical applications
  • DNIS’ overall effectiveness
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