What is natural language processing.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence dealing with the computerized analysis of naturally occurring text and speech. Contact centershave used NLP to develop high-end, speech-based customer service solutions. By allowing the caller the freedom to say anything, rather than selecting from a list of pre-defined responses, the customer service experience is vastly improved.

Natural Language systems are often used for things like information retrieval and human-machine interaction. When humans communicate, NLP employs multiple types of processing to decipher what has been said. As the contact center industry endorses natural language technology as the future of speech recognition, vendors are focusing research efforts on advancing NLP systems.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • The history of NLP technology
  • The need for speech-enabled automation
  • Levels of language approach
  • Practical applications
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