What is VoiceXML?

What is VoiceXML

Voice eXtensible Markup Language, aka VoiceXML (VXML), is a scripting language that is used for developing voice-based applications such as IVR and web services. The technology relies on a speech recognition engine and/or DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) for user input, and pre-recorded audio or text-to-speech (TTS) systems create the output. It provides a uniform standard for feature rich and media rich voice applications, and it specifies interactive voice dialogues between users and computers, just as HTML enables visual applications to be utilized over the web.

Companies today are focused on providing customers with access to information both via phone and the Internet. VoiceXML interfaces use existing investments in Internet technologies and infrastructure to convey information and conduct business in an easy, cost-effective manner. As new types of web applications and services emerge, and development tools become more powerful, VoiceXML has become even easier to adapt, leading to its widespread implementation and myriad practical applications.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • VoiceXML history
  • VoiceXML architecture
  • Significance of the technology
  • Practical applications in the marketplace
Download the paper. See the infographic.

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