What is live chat.

What is Live Chat

Today’s call centers have morphed into contact centers, offering their clients multiple means of communication. Whether phone, email, internet self-service and now even Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, and forums – the industry has continued to evolve to meet the demands of a more technologically-savvy generation.

When it comes to call center profitability, offering upsell and cross-sell features to clients is of increasing importance. Live chat has become a convenient and preferred service for a significant number of consumers. This fast, efficient communication channel gives customers immediate access to vendors for service inquiries and assistance. It has also been a key element of the upsell/cross-sell initiative.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • How live chat works
  • The advantages of live chat services
  • The challenges to implementation
  • Different applications in the call center industry
Download the paper. See the infographic.

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