Infographic explaining what is live chat.

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Have you ever heard of Talkomatic? Neither did we until we looked it up. As it turns out, Talkomatic was the first instant messaging application, created by Donald Bitzer at the University of Illinois in 1974. It ran on the PLATO system (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations), which was developed in the 1960s as the first computer-based training network. Thanks to PLATO and Mr. Bitzer, a variety of online communication tools were developed such as email, chat rooms, instant messaging, and even those little emoticons we love.

If you love live web chat as much as we do, check out our infographic to learn all about what is live chat support, why it’s a fast and convenient sales tool for businesses like yours, arguments for using live chat for customer service, how it can save you money, cool love chat features, and what things one should consider prior to implementation.

Infographic explaining live chat services

If you want to dive even deeper into the world of live chat, please check out our what is live chat support research paper. So go take a look!

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