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Remember those days, a long, long time ago, when we were actually using little pink notepads and pens to take down messages? Thankfully, those days are long gone. Receptionist services have gotten high-tech, with automated answering and IVR, in addition to the tried and true method of live-operator answering. Many businesses these days entrust their inbound calls to answering services, providing clients with 24-hour access to virtually any industry you can think of. But not every company has the budget for 24-hour live service. If you are running a small business or other niche industry, you may have a cap on operating expenses, forcing you to do more with less. Supplementing your live answering with voicemail can be just the solution you need to keep costs low while still giving your customers an easy way to reach you. That’s where Specialty’s voicemail services come in.

Did you know that only 40% of callers leave messages? Most prefer to speak to a live operator. For about $28 a week, try SAS: voicemail with answering service revert.

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How It Works.

SAS has been in business since 1985, and we are always in search of the most advanced equipment, ensuring technological excellence for our clients nationwide. With voicemail services to offset your live-voice reception, you get the best of both worlds. With our voicemail plans, you can:

  • Add Voicemail to Any Account: If you are already using SAS as your answering service, adding a voicemail component to your account is as easy as 1-2-3. This gives you the option to lower operator talk time without sacrificing the quality of service you receive. You don’t even need to have your own in-house system. Everything can be done through our call center.
  • Set Up as Many Mailboxes as You Need: How many employees do you have? How many extensions? Don’t worry, we can create as many voicemail boxes as you need to support your entire company. Since you are only charged for usage and not for the number of mailboxes, you can have voicemail set up for individuals, departments, customer concerns, you name it. Whatever your needs, we can make it happen.
  • Have Instant Access to Voicemail: Our service typically utilizes an auto-attendant, frontend reception style. So, if a caller wants to speak with a live operator, they may be instructed to Press 1. If they want to leave a voicemail, they may Press 2, and so on. Once they have entered our voicemail system and left you a message, the message is automatically converted into a WAV file, and it is instantly emailed to your address of record. You will have immediate access to every call, enabling you to stay on top of customers’ requests any time of day.

The Benefits.

Voicemail is fast, convenient, and completely customizable to suit your needs. You know we love it! Here are some of the benefits of working with our voicemail service:

  • Always Affordable: We offer month-to-month plans for flexibility and convenience, and we bill by the minute. So, for every minute a caller talks into your voicemail, there is a 15-cent charge. When operating expenses are at a minimum, voicemail can be an efficient, cost-effective solution to your frontend reception needs.
  • Reduced Costs: With our virtually hosted voicemail services, there is no new equipment for you to purchase or install. We run everything from our US call center, and we take care of all maintenance and upgrade fees.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Not everyone wants to speak with a live operator. Some people just don’t have the time, and others are really not the chatty type. That’s ok! We understand. When you use voicemail in addition to our live-operator service, your customers will have the option to speak with a real person, or leave a fast, detailed message at the beep.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today on our 2-week free trial. There are no strings attached, and nothing to lose. We have years of experience in the telecommunications industry. We know what works, and we work hard to keep our customers happy. SAS’ voicemail services – putting a little extra in your pocket at the end of every day.

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