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What’s worse than missing calls? Sending calls to voicemail. Make your voicemail obsolete with SAS’ live operator answering service!

It’s not easy running a business. You have a million things to think about, not to mention a ringing phone that is in constant need of your attention. If your client base is growing by the minute, then inbound calls are only going to increase. While you may have someone manning your office phones during business hours, even the best receptionists need to take a break. And what about your after-hours callers? Prospective customers aren’t going to wait around for a call back. They’ll move on to the next company who can give them what they want, right when they want it. For better business, your office needs to be open 24/7. If you’re running your own office answering service and need backup, or if you don’t have an office to call home and want to portray the image of one, then SAS can help.

With our experienced team at your side, you won’t have to worry about missing overflow calls, losing out on leads after-hours, or staffing your business around the clock. We’re available all day to assist your callers and keep things running like a well-oiled machine. Messages will be sent promptly to anyone (or everyone) in your office after each call, and we can even transfer customers to you directly or reach out to your on-call staff for emergency issues. It’s as if we’re working next to you without actually being there. Whether we’re acting as your virtual switchboard or providing backup for your overwhelmed in-house staff, Specialty Answering Service can be the secret to your success!

Having a real person represent your office lets customers know that they aren’t just another sale. For about $3 a day, SAS’ office answering service will keep callers happy and keep you ahead of the game.

SASStaffing Your Office 24/7

Picture it. The phone is going bananas, there’s someone walking in the front door, and you’re trying to get that temperamental printer to spit out the report you’ve been working on all morning. The problem isn’t the phones, or the customer who just walked in, or even that darn printer. The problem is that there are only a few of you in the office, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to scratch off everything on your to-do list, without something or someone slipping through the cracks. You need a call center company that can pitch in at a moment’s notice and represent your office when you can’t.

What We Can Do.

For all-day coverage or overflow support, let our professional, friendly operators take that phone traffic off your hands. Customize your call script for basic message taking, appointment setting, warm transfers, reach on-call, and more.

  • Warm or Cold Transfers: When prospective customers call, sometimes the only way to get them on board is to speak with your office directly. Set up warm or cold transfers for specific call types, and we will connect them to you whenever you’d like.
  • Minimize Your Office Footprint: With virtual receptionists answering your calls, there’s no need get that 5,000-square foot workspace to accommodate a room full of people. Going virtual with SAS means that you can run your business comfortably in a smaller office while benefiting from huge savings.
  • Improve Customer Service: No matter how many people you have working for you, calls will inevitably hit voicemail. That does nothing for customers who want live help to fit their schedules, not yours. Our operators are available 24 hours a day to wow your callers and improve your customer support.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: When it comes to in-depth questions, those are best answered by your staff. But for simple queries, such as your business hours and address, our operators will use your account’s FAQs to quickly dole out the information that callers need.
  • Real-Time Message Delivery: You may have missed a call, but you certainly won’t miss a message. Once our operators disconnect from a caller, a message is sent to you immediately via text, email, or pager. You can even use one of our integrations to push data right to your CRM system. And with our mobile app, everything is available at the touch of a button.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Using a third-party calendar, such as our Google Calendar app integration, we can schedule, cancel or reschedule appointments for you, and send a confirmation email to each caller. Need to send them paperwork prior to their appointment? The SAS Email App will make it so.

The Benefits.

  • Always Live: Customers can reach you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and they’ll speak with a real person every time. The days of sifting through your voicemail box are gone.
  • Reduced Stress: Just think of the peace of mind you’ll have when you aren’t tripping over the office furniture to run for your phone. When you know that we’re on the job, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Improve Your Business: Prospective leads need details fast, and they don’t care how much you have on your plate. Utilizing our receptionists to answer questions and handle Tier 1 inquiries allows you to concentrate on growing your company.
  • Explore Something New: Live receptionists are great, but there’s so much more to SAS. We give you access to try new, revenue-generating programs such as appointment reminder calls, outbound surveys, and telemarketing.
  • Customized Service: From your upfront greeting to your entire call script, we can create a flow of conversation that provides a seamless transition between your office and the service.

Specialty Answering Service can give your business a boost while giving your office a break. It’s everything you need in a receptionist service, and nothing you don’t. Sign up for our 2-week free trial today, and find out for yourself!

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