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Building trust between you and your clients is essential in your veterinary practice. People need to know that they can count on you to take care of their animals. Gaining trust is a difficult proposition, and losing it can happen in an instant. While providing excellent care is the foundation of any good veterinary practice, offering superior customer service is nearly as important. 78% of consumers will seek out a new business because of a poor customer service experience. From the moment a client contacts your animal hospital, your professional reputation is on the line. Every communication should further your relationship with pet owners. That is where SAS’ veterinary answering service comes in.

You become a vet because you love animals and have a desire to do good. So, when busy phones keep pet owners on hold, everyone suffers. For about $4 a day, SAS can help.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

SAS is a medical call center experienced in working with veterinary hospitals and pet health insurance companies. Our services can help increase retention rates, improve patient experiences, promote customer referrals, and even manage billing and payment inquiries. We are completely committed to your hospital, and everything we do is customized to serve your needs. We provide superior customer care and logistics solutions for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. With SAS, you have access to an incredible team of operators and a host of new technologies, and you will gain the edge you need to run a successful veterinary practice.

What We Can Do.

We have a team of more than 300 receptionists who can easily handle upwards of 10,000 inbound calls a day. Our medical office answering service is staffed by representatives who are trained twice as long as the industry average, thereby providing the most efficient, dependable service around.

  • 24/7 Inbound Answering: Pets are like toddlers. They get into everything. That means your clients may need assistance outside of traditional business hours. Our agents are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there is always a courteous, live-voice representative ready to communicate with concerned pet owners.
  • Emergency Dispatch: In extreme cases, it may be necessary for you to make house calls to help Fido or Fluffy. Our dispatching services can be tailored to fit pre-existing protocols and procedures for your hospital. We can contact key staff members via phone, text, email, or pager, and dispatching can be quickly adjusted to accommodate scheduling changes for your on-call team.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Utilizing your online scheduling software, we can create, modify and cancel appointments for your callers, and we will update information in real-time so that your staff can adjust your agenda accordingly.
  • Reminder Calls: Outbound reminder calls to owners whose pets have upcoming visits help to prevent no-shows and miscommunication. Additionally, using lists you provide, we can contact individuals who may be overdue in scheduling their pet’s yearly exam, vaccinations or booster shots, and even medication reorder reminders.
  • Bilingual Support: The Hispanic community is growing by leaps and bounds. That means that every business should be prepared to help clients whose primary language is not English. With staff fluent in both English and Spanish, we are ready to support all of your clients, whatever their needs might be.

The Benefits.

The benefits of working with our telephone receptionist service will be felt from day one of your partnership with SAS. We maintain your animal hospital or pet healthcare company’s reputation for excellence by zeroing in on superior client satisfaction.

  • Reduced Costs: Our agents work remotely and virtually, so there is no new equipment to purchase or install, and no new employees to hire. We have the resources and we make them work for you. With month-to-month plans and per-minute billing, you will only pay for the operator time you use. Don’t worry about being locked into lengthy contracts. We don’t have them!
  • Increased Client Satisfaction: Pet owners automatically feel safer when they speak to a live representative rather than being routed through an automated system or voicemail. We make prompt service a priority, ensuring that your customers speak to a live operator in 3 rings or less. Post-service survey calls can also gauge clients’ overall satisfaction with services rendered, acting as a quality control measure for improved care.
  • Increased Productivity: Without the nuisance of busy phones slowing your employees down, they can focus on caring for those precious, furry friends. We know the animals will appreciate getting extra attention, and the pet owners will be thrilled, too!

SAS has been trusted for years by offices and animal hospitals nationwide. Give us a call today and ask about our 2-week free trial. It’s a great opportunity to experience the SAS difference firsthand – no strings attached. What do you have to lose? Specialty is the leading answering service for veterinarians, making pet owners happy one bark at a time!

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Explore veterinary industry growth trends to see why you need the best veterinary answering service representing your company.

Specialty Answering Service gives you the ability to transform your practice by creating stronger relationships between you and your patients. Let your patients, and their owners, have peace of mind knowing that they’re connected to your practice 24 hours a day. Together, we can help you accelerate growth through good old fashioned amazing live customer support – so you and your team can focus on what matters most: the pets. Pet owners need to feel in control of the care they receive. Whether it’s an assurance that you’ll be there to answer a question about something your dog ate, or to perform an emergency procedure on a cat at 3:00 AM, our live operator solutions give your patients access to you when they need you the most. Check out the statistics below to understand how important it is for your brand to be represented by a live voice 24/7:

  • 6.2%

    The average yearly growth for veterinary businesses.

  • 58%

    The percentage of a dog or cat owners who prefer to speak to a vet rather than look up information online.

  • 72%

    The percentage of dog and cat owners who consider their pets family members.

Answering Service Case Study: Veterinary Industry

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See how 4 veterinary practices, ranging from low volume users to heavy hitters, are using our answering service. The report includes a breakdown of FAQs, scripting, types of phone calls received and answered live, average volume, and average monthly phone answering service cost.

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