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Too busy answering phones to focus on your clients? Cut it out! Let SAS be the extension your business needs for superb service.

As the owner of a hair salon, you know how important it is to balance great beauty care with great customer service. Nonetheless, trying to do both at once can sometimes feel impossible. Between managing staff and stylists, processing supply shipments, and dealing with customer concerns, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With all of these responsibilities, answering the phones and booking appointments can seem like an afterthought. However, research shows 81% of companies who deliver strong customer service outperform their competition. At Specialty’s answering service for hair salons, we can ensure a positive customer service experience for all of your clients and allow you to focus on the business of excellent hair care.

The average salon receptionist’s yearly income is $24K. For about $5 a day, let SAS answer your phones. Save money, and put the focus on your best accessory: clients.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

From booking appointments to answering questions about the products and services your salon provides, we help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. With 24-hour availability, our receptionists are always here to facilitate reliable and friendly communication between your growing business and your customers. We are experienced with companies in the haircare industry, and we can tailor our live answer service to meet your needs. Having SAS on your side means that you will never miss a call or a chance to create the perfect coif.

What We Can Do.

A partnership with us is like adding an extension to your business. Our team of more than 300 highly trained operators is accustomed to handling upwards of 10,000 inbound calls a day. Our commitment to professionalism, warmth, and excellence encourages clients to return time after time for a superior salon experience.

  • Appointment Setting: Depending on your call volume, we can use your online calendar management software to assist with appointment scheduling. Appointments can be arranged for specific stylists who only work during set hours, or we can set general appointments with any member of your team, first come, first serve. This allows you to focus on creating the ideal in-person salon experience that your customers deserve.
  • Bilingual Support: America is a melting pot. Nowadays, providing bilingual services to clientele is a necessity. That is why we have operators fluent in both English and Spanish. We never outsource to other countries – our call center is located in the continental United States. So whatever your callers’ needs, we are prepared to assist.
  • Providing Necessary Information: When customers call, we can use the information and protocols outlined by your business to answer any number of FAQs. Whether clients are wondering about rates or specials you may be offering, our representatives lend an accurate and trustworthy hand to your booking, and can even upsell on answer (e.g. suggesting a cut when someone calls about color). We also support personal care and cosmetics manufacturers, providing callers with information on local salons that offer specific products.

The Benefits.

Anyone who has had a bad hair day or a bad dye job values the services of talented haircare professionals like you! We take care of a number of issues so that you can concentrate on the client in your chair.

  • Improved Client Relationships: When you’re not constantly worried about getting up to answer the phone, you’ll have more time to spend with your clients, developing the personal interactions and relationships that turn walk-ins into regulars.
  • Inviting Salon Environment: Without distractions, attentive staff members will be able to provide the peaceful ambiance that customers will appreciate when they want to escape the hectic outside world.
  • Professional Cosmetic Experience: Our receptionists provide the businesslike and organized aura that your company needs in order to build up a regular customer base. Friendly and efficient customer service inspires clients’ confidence in your salon.
  • No New Staffing or Equipment: Customer care specialists work remotely and virtually, ensuring that there is no new equipment to purchase and install, and no need for you to hire additional administrative personnel. We have the tools and the talent to help you succeed.

Wasting time booking and re-booking appointments gets in the way of providing a fabulous salon experience for your valued customers. With SAS’ exceptional virtual office assistance, you will have more time to do the work you love. Contact us today to find out how SAS’ affordable telecom solutions can benefit your business. With our 2-week free trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Specialty is the leading answering service for hair salons, delivering the support you need to help you become a leader in the haircare industry.

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