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You know what’s great about running a janitorial service? You are practically guaranteed to have customers. Why? Because whether it’s an office building or someone’s home, there’s nothing like the comfort of knowing you are working and living in a squeaky-clean environment. You provide an essential service. But did you know that 80% of leads are never followed up by in-house sales teams? Chances are you are so busy at job sites that you don’t have enough hours in the day to get back to potential customers or work on acquiring new ones. What you need is an outbound telemarketing service that can arrange appointments for you while you focus on the task at hand. That’s where Specialty’s janitorial appointment setting service comes in, working hard to keep your calendar packed and keep revenue flowing.

Getting in front of decision makers is the key to any janitorial sale. In an industry with high customer turnover, SAS can help create opportunities.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

Research shows that when it comes to outbound call centers, 23% of consumers will make a purchase or sign up for a service because they liked the friendly operator. Not because they liked the product or thought it was a good value, but because they enjoyed speaking with the operator. Pretty amazing! When you team up with SAS, you are getting pretty amazing dedicated agent service, specializing in that courteous and genuine phone etiquette your prospects will appreciate. We know how important first impressions are to attaining new business, and that’s why we work diligently to present a polished image for your janitorial service with every outbound call.

How It Works.

From the minute you join forces with our national call center, maintaining the integrity of your image is our mission. We employ dedicated receptionists who are focused entirely on the success of your brand. Their relaxed demeanor will put potential clients at ease, making them more receptive to hearing about your services. Here are a few of the features we offer to help take your sales to the next level:

  • Lead Qualification: Using your established call lists or working with leads generated from your online marketing efforts, we can get in touch with potential customers and help with list clean up by filtering through old contacts and incorrect or disconnected numbers. Seamless integration into your pre-existing online calendar management software makes for quick appointment setting, and any last minute changes will be communicated to you and your staff via phone, text, pager, or email.
  • Customized Scripting: We know that your janitorial business is not the same as your competitors. In fact, no two businesses are alike. That’s why we will spend time working with you to develop a custom-designed script for our operators to use when we make calls on your behalf. Whether you work in commercial establishments, residential communities, or both, we are on your team, continuously maintaining your company’s reputation for excellence in customer care.
  • In-the-Know Communications : Better education begets stronger sales. With that in mind, we invite you to personally train our dedicated agents regarding the specifics of your organization. Operators will then have greater success marketing during outbound calls. We can provide the potential customer with any information you would like to facilitate getting that appointment on your calendar, eliminating the need for your in-house team to expend precious time on this undertaking yourself.

The Benefits.

Appointment setting services are used by innumerable industries because they are a tried and true method of bringing in new business. Our customer service representatives will extend the same level of professionalism and care that you would deliver from your own office. In telesales, a soft sell approach increases the likelihood of expanding your client base. Our staff is the best in the industry, and we look forward to helping you get all you can out of outbound appointment setting. Some of the benefits of working with SAS are:

  • Bilingual Support: America is becoming an increasingly diverse society. That means we are not just serving English-speaking citizens. As our Hispanic population continues to expand, it is of the utmost importance that businesses cater to Spanish-speaking clientele. We offer bilingual answering services, making sure there is no language barrier between you and those you serve.
  • Increased Revenue: SAS gives your company a competitive edge that will put you head and shoulders above your competition. With our trustworthy, dedicated receptionists leading the way, we will have your calendar packed in no time. Outbound telesales drive business and result in increased revenue. We will work hard to help you procure new clientele so that you can boost profits one appointment at a time.
  • Reduced Costs: Our virtual staffing services eliminate the need for you to purchase, install, or maintain any costly technology to start on service. Many businesses these days are working with limited operating budgets, and utilizing an answering service to make your outbound appointment calls can reduce the necessity for more administrative personnel, thus saving you from the expense of salaries, benefits, and larger office space. We also offer month-to-month plans and per-minute billing, giving you the flexibility and affordability you need in today’s challenging economy.

The advantages of teaming up with SAS’ dedicated service are innumerable. We are proponents of unobtrusive selling strategies, rather than the aggressive techniques that can immediately turn a potential customer into a lead for your competitors. We believe in our service, and we know you will, too. So contact us today to see for yourself what we are all about! Specialty is the leading janitorial appointment setting service, helping you clean up one phone call at a time.

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