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The nonprofit industry plays a significant role in the global economy, as well as in the lives of the people they touch. To help organizations in this industry, Specialty combines our private sector customer service expertise with an understanding of social sectors. Through live customer service, we help nonprofit organizations tackle tough social issues. Every social campaign needs live customer service solutions. For nonprofits with delicate budgets, we can help make the most out of your resources, allowing you to focus energy on your cause. Benefits include pervasive public awareness through SAS’ outbound call center, increased donations with live receptionist answering, and a more dynamic interaction with the public.

Non-Profit Industry Solutions

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  • Associate yourself with the experts in incomparable customer care solutions for your non-profit.

  • When parishioners need you, don’t let them down. Church may be closed, but with us, you are always open.

  • People really want to donate! But what if they can’t reach you? With us on your side, that won’t happen.

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