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When you have an association to run, organization is everything. Between scheduling meetings, managing staff and volunteers, and recruiting members, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose your logistical presence. Keeping track of current and prospective members can easily fall by the wayside amid the confusion. Unfortunately, if not enough attention is placed on this facet of managing a professional association, it can have a long-lasting negative impact. Did you know that associations that do not start renewal efforts at least 5 months before expiration see decreases in membership? In a field where planning is so critical, it is essential to stay on top of member services. That’s where Specialty’s answering service for associations comes in.

On average, associations pay their employees $56k annually. Do you want your salaried staff wasting valuable time answering phones? NO? We thought you might say that.

SASDelivering Outstanding Customer Support

SAS offers live-voice customer service solutions to associations just like yours. We provide 24/7 representation of your brand, fostering effortless communication between you and those you serve. Our experienced staff can also coordinate new memberships, process requests for association literature and marketing materials, and help resolve internal IT issues. Whether you’re at a fundraising event or it’s after office hours, our representatives reinforce the reliable image of your association and respond promptly to your members’ needs. We know that 67% of people hang up the phone out of frustration if they can’t speak to a real person, and we ensure that your members are met with a courteous, helpful associate whenever they contact you.

What We Can Do.

We employ over 300 customer care specialists, and our call center staff is capable of handling upwards of 30,000 inbound calls a day. We can do everything from operating hotlines and upgrading memberships to responding to customer service queries and performing market research.

  • Customized Solutions: We will work with you to create a script for our receptionists to follow, and using the protocols and procedures you outline, our specialists will tailor their responses to the specifics of your organization. You may have seasonal increases in call volume due to annual meetings and the like, so we can ramp up our staff to accommodate your needs.
  • Bilingual Representation: In this increasingly diverse country, it is important that you are able to converse with not only English speakers, but with those whose primary language is Spanish. Our bilingual representatives are ready to serve your Hispanic member base, all day, and every day.
  • Event Services: When your association is sponsoring a conference or social function, we can process registrations and payments, take RSVP information, provide event details, act as a live companion to any online event registration services like Evite or Eventbrite, and even suggest that out-of-town visitors book the accommodations you recommend. From start to finish, we have you covered.
  • Hotline Management: Perhaps you are heading a condominium or homeowners’ association and need a separate line for emergency or safety concerns. Maybe you work with a trade association, and offering a hotline for locating local vendors can help support your front office. Whatever the case, we are ready to help.

The Benefits.

We are your partner in affordable, nationwide member support services, and with our skilled, professional receptionists manning your phones, you will have time to focus on what matters most: running your association.

  • Generate Revenue: We can make outbound calls to your contact lists to help you increase membership by processing renewals and new member applications. We can also make solicitation calls for donations during your annual pledge drives or fundraising events. Outsourcing these tasks rather than using your in-house staff to manage them may help offset the cost of events, website development, and mailers.
  • 24/7 Phone Answering: With around-the-clock live telephone answering services, your business can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when members call, there is always someone available to represent your organization. Your doors may be closed, but your association is always open.
  • Improve Productivity: Answering the phone is an important responsibility for any business. But when it is ringing off the hook, it can be a major distraction for your employees. Whether we are handling call overflow or taking care of your phones entirely, when you put your calls in our capable hands, member services are no longer a roadblock to your productivity.

If you are still not 100% sure that we can help you, we invite you to take us for a test drive with our 2-week free trial. We are confident in what we offer, and we think you will feel the same way. There are no catches or hidden fees, only fantastic service! Specialty is the leading answering service for associations, working hard to provide the finest care to your members, all day and every day.

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