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Landlords have a lot to juggle. From managing properties and responding to maintenance requests, to trying to fill vacancies and keeping up with standard health and safety codes, it can be easy for customer service to fall through the cracks, especially for the small business owner. And, most of the time, being a landlord isn’t your full-time job. If you’re at work or doing your regular 9-5, you don’t want to be bothered about that spider in 4-C. That’s why many landlords look to outsource their calls to SAS, so they can focus on other tasks to ensure tenant satisfaction. Whether you manage one property or 100, Specialty Answering Service can grow with you.

With individual investors accounting for 74% of all landlords, you’ll definitely need help answering calls. Let SAS be your reception desk so you can keep working your day job.

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What We Can Do.

Our virtual receptionists can help filter maintenance requests, capture new leads, and be a live voice for tenants to talk to 24/7 – no matter what the situation. Our 300+ operators are all professionally trained and capable of handling anything from basic message taking to more complicated procedures, including appointment scheduling and emergency dispatching based on your protocols like lock-outs, leaks in apartments, or if your tenants see any unsavory characters lurking around.

  • Capture Leads: In order for a landlord to stay in business, they have to make sure their properties have tenants. However, it’s not always easy to fill vacancies. Sure, you can post signs and advertise on social media, but eventually calls are going to start coming in, and landlords have to make sure they’re answering. Aside from phone calls, many people take a simpler approach and inquire online. So, not only do landlords have to man their phones around the clock, but they also have to stay on top of new emails, tweets, direct messages, etc. Specialty Answering Service is able to do all of that for you.
  • Dispatch Emergencies: When you manage a building, issues are bound to arise. From simple fixes to straight up plumbing disasters, our 24/7 answering service can help screen callers depending on what type of issue they are calling in for, and dispatch them accordingly. For example, a sink that won’t stop dripping may not require immediate assistance, but a flooded bathroom sure will.
  • Schedule Appointments: For the non-urgent maintenance issues that come up, we can gather the caller’s name, number, unit number and request, and then schedule a general maintenance appointment on your calendar, complete with an email confirmation and everything. For potential renters that are looking to schedule a showing, we can gather their name, number, unit they are interested in, and schedule accordingly. We can even screen callers ahead of time to see what type of appointment they are looking to schedule, to make sure we access the appropriate shared calendar.
  • Customize your Call Handling: We can do virtually anything you want. By screening callers based off their issue, request or what property they are calling for/from and adding custom call results for each call, you are able to prioritize incoming messages to determine what needs to be handled first, and what can wait. By viewing all of your messages in your online portal, you won’t have to waste time and sift through messages, as all call results will be prominent for you to see as soon as you log in.

The Benefits.

From providing amazing customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to making sure you’re not overpaying for service, SAS is the number 1 choice for all real estate industry solutions.

  • Professional Representation: While you’re representing your brand out in the field by showing apartments and responding to maintenance requests, our professionally trained virtual receptionists will uphold your reputation and represent your brand over the phone. With seamless transitions, our receptionists are your receptionists.
  • More Money in Your Pocket: Specialty Answering Service is an affordable business solution that will definitely put more money back in your pocket. With multiple pricing options to choose from along with a system that monitors your call usage and upgrades you if necessary, you’ll be able to take all those extra savings and reinvest into the growth of your small business. For about $1 a day, you’ll wonder why you didn’t hire a virtual receptionist sooner. 
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Unless you have eight arms and an abundance of coffee, it’s impossible to do it all. That’s where we come in. While you’re showing properties and trying to lock down new leads, forward your line to us so your potential new renters aren’t put-off by your never ending phone calls, and the people calling aren’t put-off by your never ending voicemail. Give your tenants peace of mind no matter what time.
  • Tenant Retention: From assisting your current tenants and giving them a voice to talk to no matter when they call, to answering questions for potential new tenants, your callers will feel comfortable with where they’ve chosen to settle down and nestle in. They may even send out a recommendation to their friends, family, or random people on the street. After all, word of mouth is a great advertising tool (and it’s free!)

Whether you’re just using us to field emergency calls after hours, or you need a helping hand throughout the day, Specialty Answering Service has got your best interest in mind. Outsourcing your calls has never been easier with our service. Stay up to date on all of your messages via our mobile app for iOS and Android, and never miss another business opportunity.

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