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When your tenants have maintenance emergencies, don’t make them sit on hold.

As a property manager, you have to be prepared for everything. Between responding to maintenance requests to trying to fill vacancies and everything in between, it can be hard to keep up with the rising demand of your tenants. With Specialty’s maintenance answering service, you don’t have to worry about any calls being missed, which may lead to poor reviews and an eventual loss of business. Our virtual receptionists are available around the clock, 365 days a year to intercept any incoming call. From dispatching emergencies to scheduling general maintenance appointments, we’re always here for you and your tenants.

Your tenants rely on you for quality service and peace of mind, which is why you can rely on us.

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What We Can Do.

From answering calls after hours for your property management company, to fielding questions and scheduling on call maintenance requests, our 300+ professionally trained operators will ensure that you never miss another call. In addition, for about $1 a day, you can take all of the extra money you’ll be saving and reinvest in the growth of your business.

  • Customized Call Handling: If you’re a property manager, there’s a big chance you oversee more than one property. With SAS, we can customize your call handling to be as diverse as the properties you manage. For example, if we’re answering at night as well as during the day, you can setup a unique on call procedure for calls received during business hours and those received after hours. If you want to keep things completely separate, you can set up multiple campaigns all under one roof and take advantage of our auto attendant features. Callers will be able to use their keypad to be directed to the property or issue they are calling in about for the quickest response.
  • 24/7 Emergency Dispatching: If your apartment offers 24 hour maintenance, then maintenance issues are bound to arise in the middle of the night. With Specialty’s maintenance answering service, the tenants in your apartment or rental property will be able to call our hotline any day or time for immediate assistance. Let’s face it, no one wants to wait until business hours when they have a busted pipe and their whole kitchen is underwater.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Not every maintenance issue is an emergency, and our team of virtual receptionists can help  your tenants schedule general maintenance appointments any time as well. Simply configure your calendar, let us know how to differentiate between what is an emergency and what is not, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Benefits.

Being a property manager is no easy feat, whether you’re overseeing one property or twenty. When it comes down to it, not only do you have to think about the needs of all of your tenants, but you also have to plan ahead to try and prevent issues before they occur. On top of the daily tasks any business owner is responsible for, trying to man the phones all day is not always feasible. While you and your team are the best people to answer your calls, Specialty’s maintenance answering service is the next best thing.

  • 24/7 Availability: Being hard to reach is a quality that no property manager should have if they want to run a successful business. Tenants want to know that they can easily get in touch with their landlord whenever an issue arises, and may be quick to look elsewhere if their needs aren’t being met. Specialty’s maintenance answering service is around the clock 24/7 to field calls when you can’t, whether they’re urgent or can simply wait for the morning.
  • Professional Representation: Our team of virtual receptionists are all professionally trained and can assist your callers with many of the same issues or questions  your regular receptionist can handle. From answering general questions about the property, to scheduling appointments and dispatching urgent calls, your tenants will always have a friendly voice to talk to.
  • Call Screening: Often times, tenants will call with an urgent issue that isn’t actually urgent. This may make you spend extra money on sending out a technician when it could have waited for normal business hours. With the ability to screen calls effectively, our virtual receptionists can determine which calls need to be dispatched immediately, and which can be saved for the morning, so you and your team can rest easy at night.
  • Extreme Scale: If you own a single rental property or are a multi-building property management company, we have the operator capacity to handle any call traffic you can throw at us. Don’t worry about having to hire more receptionists and dispatchers at your own office to handle calls when SAS can do it for far less cost.

Partnering with SAS means never having to put your tenants on hold, and ensuring your name and reputation stays protected. The moment you start letting calls go to voicemail is the moment your tenants will start to question if they made the right decision. Give your callers peace of mind and let them talk to a live voice any day or time.

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