3 Reasons Why You Should Rate Your Operators

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Vote for Customer Service

With the upcoming presidential election, everybody’s talking about making your voice heard. While one vote among millions may not seem like much, it counts. But elections aren’t the only place where your voice can affect change. Have you ever rated a Specialty Answering Service operator?

When you outsource to Specialty Answering Service, you can shape your own destiny by editing your script in real time and adding notes for the operators. But wait, there’s more! You can also cast votes for the operators answering your calls in the form of star ratings and feedback. It’s like Yelp, but for human beings instead of businesses.

We value your opinion! Rating the operators rocks, and here are three reasons why your vote makes a difference:

  1. If you have a really great experience with an operator, offering your rating will encourage them to continue doing a good job while helping our HR department hone in on the traits of mega-awesome customer service agents. Operators who frequently receive positive reviews can see a bump in their salary and are most definitely the go-to employees to help train newbies. With each vote you cast, you’re paying customer service forward.
  2. If you have a not-so-hot experience with an operator, rating them will give our training squad crowd-sourced feedback to help the operator improve. The more we know, the more you grow. If an operator is consistently receiving negative ratings from multiple clients, they will receive more in-depth coaching regarding in-call procedures. If their reviews continue to be low, even after being coached accordingly, then maybe answering phones just isn’t what they’re cut out to do.
  3. Unless your business is in California or Pennsylvania, then sadly we aren’t neighbors. This geographic separation may cause a slight disconnect between business owners and the Specialty Answering Service agents managing your phones. Though you aren’t always able to choose who fields your calls, rating your operators and providing them with a better understanding of what you do will help bridge the continental divide.

So, if you’re weighing in on the question, “Should you rate your operators?” we hope your vote is a resounding, “Yes!” Speaking out isn’t just important at election time. It’s a critical component of building a successful business when you’re outsourcing your calls to our answering service.

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