8 ways not to answer a telephone.

Frustrated Nerd Answering Phones

What’s more unprofessional than chomping down on a nacho box while on a business call? Chomping on a nacho box while out at a sporting event with a crowd of loud, crazy fans in the background while on a business call. Each one of your calls is important. Each customer is a valuable asset to your business. When answering your phone, see to it that customers are getting the very best of what you have to offer. Give them love and attention and they’ll love you back.

If you are struggling with professionalism and telephone etiquette at your business, follow our 8 tips below. Never answer your telephone while:

  1. Chewing: Even though you’re enjoying your meal, callers won’t.
  2. Finishing a conversation: From the second you pick up the receiver, it’s all about the customer.
  3. Multi-tasking: The caller will sense whether or not they have your full attention.
  4. Drinking: A sip of water to keep your mouth from drying out, ok. A giant swig of Dr. Pepper, not ok.
  5. Angry: Your tone of voice says it all. Make sure it says that you are ready and willing to provide the very best customer service.
  6. Coworkers are shouting in the background: Callers hear more than just you. They hear background noise, too. Maintaining professionalism is essential.
  7. Waiting for your computer to boot up: If you aren’t immediately able to access a customer’s data, then wait until you can. It’s better to have a coworker answer than to put the caller on hold and make them wait for you.
  8. Out of the office: It may seem like a good idea to answer your phone while at your son’s soccer game, but it will be distracting for both you and the caller. If you need additional phone support, hook up with a telephone answering service.

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