Answering services: like fertilizer for your landscape business.

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Despite the brutal cold and unpredictable weather that Mother Nature threw at many of us this past winter, one thing is as predictable as the sun. After winter comes the spring. And once spring rolls around, your landscape business will be in full swing.

While some landscapers moonlight as snow plow operators during the off season, for others, work begins once that first crocus pops out of the ground. And once nature is in full bloom, so is your competition. Here are a few of the ways an answering service can help you stay on top of your game.

1. Phone support for high-volume promotions

Sending out mailers and email blasts will hopefully have your phones ringing off the hook. The only problem there is that you can’t answer a zillion calls at once. But your answering service can.

  • TIP: When you are running through options, be sure that the service has the capacity to handle a significant number of inbound calls at the same time, and that they have an appropriate number of agents on duty during peak and off-peak hours.

2. Appointment scheduling for estimates

You’ll need to visit prospective customers’ homes and businesses to get the “lay of the land” and provide estimates. That means setting up appointments. Look for an answering service that offers calendar management assistance.

  • TIP: Sign up for Google Calendar. While services may be able to integrate with your current scheduling software, Google Calendar is generally universal, it’s free, and it’s easy to navigate.

3. Call patching anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re at a job site at 8 a.m. or buzzing around your local landscape supply store at 3 p.m., call patching allows you to manage multiple customers’ needs simultaneously. So you can buy boxwood for the Smiths while you are talking to the Nelsons about their garden.

  • TIP: When setting up call patching, be sure to provide your answering service with a contact list, and specify what agents should do if they reach your voicemail.

When it’s time to gear up for your busy season, enlist the help of a professional call center that shares your commitment to quality on every call. Plants grow with sunlight. And businesses grow with amazing customer care.

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