How can you find out your phone number?

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Old man forgets telephone number

It’s friday. Your brain has totally shut off. One of your coworkers wants to know what you’re doing this weekend. They ask for your phone number. You blank out. Here are 10 ways you can find out your phone number.

  • Muscle Memory: Close your eyes and start dialing. When you repeat the same movement over and over, long-term muscle memory is created for that particular action. This way, it can eventually be performed without any conscious effort on your part. Great, right?? Your short-term memory may stink, but your long-term memory has a backup plan. Gotta love the brain.
  • ESP: Channel your inner White Pages. If ‘Limitless’ has taught us anything, it’s that our brains are super, super smart, and they never turn off! So, close your eyes and focus. And while you’re trying to pull your phone number out of thin air, see if you can get the winning PowerBall numbers. Hey, anything is possible.
  • Phone-A-Friend: There’s a popular television game show that gives contestants the option to phone a friend when they can’t figure out the answer to some ridiculously mind boggling question on their own. So reach out and ask. Sure, it’s embarrassing. But your friends accept you for your good points, and the occasional mental snafu.
  • Wait for the Phone to Ring: As soon as it rings, answer and ask the person on the other line what number they just dialed. It’s best to ask this right away before they forget. You’re not the only one whose brain is on hiatus. Trust us.
  • Wish for a Telemarketer: Unless your number is on the do not call list, you’ll probably get one of these calls sooner or later. Ask the telemarketer what number they just called. If they know, buy whatever they’re selling as a token of your gratitude. Hopefully, it isn’t a Flobee or a nose hair trimmer.
  • Phone Bill: Your number will probably be on your telephone bill somewhere. If you’re lucky, it’s your account number. If you’re not lucky, you’ll need to navigate your phone bill for it. Or if you’re anything like us, you can’t find your phone bill because it’s currently hidden under a stack of home shopping packages and grocery store circulars.
  • Call Your Phone Company: They know lots of stuff about phones. It’s a pretty solid bet they’ll know your number.
  • Phone Tree: Have kids? You are probably part of some emergency phone tree you forgot about. Grab the books from school you were holding onto and look yourself up. If you can’t find your name in the phone tree, then it looks like you missed out on one too many PTA meetings. And the parent of the year award goes to
  • Look Online: Have you ever Googled your name? It’s kind of like that, except you’ll add the words ‘phone number’ to your search parameters. You might see yourself pop up. Or if you have a common name like John Smith or Sandy Jones, well…try this last option. It’s guaranteed to work every time.
  • Your Cell Phone Has the Answer: Honestly, it’s amazing how smart those smartphones are! They know everything. And if they don’t know, they have a really nice talking computer lady look it up for you. Now the only problem is remembering how to navigate the phone to look up your number. If all else fails, rinse and repeat from number 1. Something is bound to click at some point!

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