Changes To Your SAS Portal To Prepare For Our Upcoming Software Release

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We are happy to announce that the new version of your SAS portal (SASDesk.com) will be available to SAS customers globally in a few weeks. The new release features intuitively designed systems, allowing our customers to make account changes more easily. Our software and app will enhance navigation and simplify scripting, giving you more control over your account and call flow.

While the v3 release is still weeks away, you’ll see some changes starting tomorrow (2/4/2020) in your portal that will work in tandem with future updates. Here’s a list of what’s been adjusted:

Renamed Components:

  • Campaigns are Scripts and Locations are Profiles: You’ll see Script and Profiles in place of Campaigns and Locations throughout the site.
  • Call Status is Tag and Call Result is Outcome: Along with Script and Profile, Tag and Outcome will complete your new filters. They will be visible at the top of the call table, and the toolbar at the bottom will allow you to “change tag(s)” instead of “change status.”
  • Status Update is now Agent Alert: Adding last-minute changes just got easier! Alerts will automatically display on every page, and the “Operator note” is where you’ll indicate the information you want our operators to be aware of – e.g., closure due to inclement weather.

Access Temporarily Disabled

  • Adding Users: While we’re working on the v3 release, the ability to add users in your portal has been temporarily disabled. Don’t worry, you can still contact customer service if you need to add a user and we’ll do it for you.
  • User Access Permissions: Adjusting user permissions as they relate to Scripts and Profiles has been temporarily disabled, as well. Again, if you need to adjust user permissions, please contact customer service. You can still adjust permissions as they relate to which parts of the SAS portal your users can access.

Deprecated Components Removed

  • Messenger: Access to the Messenger feature has been removed from the left panel.
  • Calendar: Access to the calendar has been removed from profiles, and settings have been removed from profiles. If you are using the SAS calendar and need to adjust your settings for any reason, please contact customer service. Please also note that this feature will be officially retired shortly after the v3 release.

As we get closer to the v3 release, we’ll post details here about what to expect to make sure your company has ample time to adjust to any changes.

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