The customer service workout: How many calories do you burn helping customers?

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Did you know that the typical adult human brain requires 20% of your resting metabolic rate (RMR – that’s the total amount of energy your body expends at rest)? So let’s say that your RMR is 1,500 calories. That means your brain uses up 300 of those just to keep you going. For customer service reps who work in largely sedentary jobs, save for the occasional trip to the bathroom or water cooler, the majority of your calories burned by office work is just by your basic functions – breathing, digestion, thinking, etc. Add in things like typing and sitting, and it doesn’t seem like you’d burn much more. But calories add up! Let’s take a look at what CSRs do on the regular, and how many calories they expend.

According to Harvard Health Publications, for people weighing 125, 155, or 185 pounds, every 30 minutes of these activities burns the corresponding number of calories:

We extrapolated the data for customer service employees to come up with 1 hour and 8 hour totals from Harvard Health’s 30 minute estimates.:

125 lbs.155 lbs.185 lbs.
Reading (30 min.)344250
per hour6884100
per 8 hours544672800
Computer work (30 min.)415161
per hour82102122
per 8 hours656816976
Light office work (30 min.)455667
per hour33112134
per 8 hours7208961072
Sitting (30 min.)496072
per hour98120144
per 8 hours7849601152
Desk work (30 min.)536578
per hour106130156
per 8 hours84810401248
Standing (30 min.)384756
per hour7694112
per 8 hours608752896
Talking (30 min.)395061
per hour597592
per 8 hours472600736

Curious how these figures break down to an 8 hour work day? We’ve estimated how much time an average customer service employee spends on each of the activities listed above and came up with the following:

Hrs.125 lbs.155 lbs.185 lbs.
Computer work2.0164204244
Light office work0.5455667
Sitting in meetings0.5496072
Desk work1.0106130156

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