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In a world of constantly evolving mobile technology, being on-the-go has never been easier. With a few quick clicks of your smartphone, you can binge watch your favorite TV show, update your Twitter feed, and let your friends know you’re running late for your dinner date. But what about your business? Can you monitor your calls from a train? Can you follow up on leads from a plane? With Specialty Answering Service, you bet you can!

Running your company from the palm of your hand is as simple as the SAS mobile app. From listening to calls to providing temporary instructions to our operators, the SAS mobile app is your new business bestie. And whether you’re at a lunch meeting or on vacation, there’s a slew of stuff that will help you keep operations running in tip-top shape. Ready to find out what this awesome app can do for you? On your mark, get set, go!

Starting Line

  • Reviewing your Calls is easy! Log in to the app, and today’s calls will be front and center. Click on an entry to check out call details and listen to recordings.
  • Need to send a follow-up email or text? Or give your customer a call back? Click each option from within the message.
  • Stay organized by instantly adding callers to your contacts list.
  • Want to see calls from a different date or sort messages by campaign? Try the Filters menu in the upper right corner.

Follow the Detour

  • Uh-oh. The office is closing due to inclement weather, and you want to let callers know. Click Status to add temporary instructions to your script, and the operators will give your callers the scoop.

Track and Field Your Usage

  • Use the Reports feature to keep tabs on your calls. View or filter reports for the number of minutes per campaign, average call length, calls per location, and more!

At the Locations and FAQs Mile Marker

  • No need to contact support to update your message delivery options on the fly. Visit your Locations, and edit your contact method.
  • Did your office address or business hours change? Add or edit FAQs at any time to give operators the most up-to-date information about your business.

Running Your On-Call

  • When there’s a trip up in your On-Call relay and the complete on-call scheduling system is out of reach, use the mobile app to make a last minute change. Just tell us who to call, what to do, and when the instructions expire.

Racing to the Finish Line

  • Need help from SAS? Sprint over to the Settings tab where you’ll find a marathon of things to do. Click to call us, send us an email, read our Terms and Conditions, rate us, pop over to our helpdesk, see what integrations you have linked in your portal, and find your forward number(s)!

You don’t need to be glued to your desk to make your business a success. All you need is a convenient way to monitor your customers’ requests – and SAS has that covered. Download the SAS mobile iPhone app or the SAS mobile Android app today, and find out what you’ve been missing. You’ll be running circles around your competition in no time!

14 days of free service awaits!


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