Infographic comparing electronic fax providers.

Computer eating a piece of fax paper

The fax machine has gone electronic! It all started in 1823 when English inventor, Francis Ronalds, built the first working electrostatic telegraph. Fast forward to 1833, to find Germans Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber installing a telegraph line through Gottingen, Germany, that stretched for nearly a mile. The line transmitted messages carried by electronic signals. These signals would come through on the receiving end as a binary code of electrical pulses, which then needed to be written down and translated by the receiver.

By 1837, a telegraph had been developed for commercial use. Then a few years later, a Scottish clockmaker had the brilliant idea to send images over the wires instead of signals. Thus, the fax machine was patented on May 27, 1843.

Take a look at our infographic for additional info on the wonders of electronic faxing and a quick comparison of the top 5 electronic fax service providers. Please see our full comparison of Internet (electronic) fax providers here.

Infographic comparing electronic fax services

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