Infographic: Learn about dialog systems.

What Are Dialog Systems

80s Flashback: Knight Rider. If you remember the show, then you’ll remember KITT, the car that could talk to its driver, Michael Knight. Was that a dialog system? Quite possibly.

A dialog system is an automated computer-based system that can talk with a human being, much like another human being would talk. It’s like when you call your bank and ask to speak with a representative. The computer can’t understand you. It says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Can you please repeat your request?” You say it again, and nothing. By this point, you are screaming. Finally the system tells you that it’s going to transfer you because the English it knows isn’t the English you are speaking. So much for their natural language processor.

Dialog systems are widely used in contact centers. Their job is to automate some of the tasks that humans are responsible for, while being just as responsive to the customers’ needs. Trained dialog systems essentially eliminate the need for menu-based IVR systems, and they are also a brilliant solution for decreasing human workload! That’s something every contact center agent can appreciate.

Use the infographic below to learn a more about dialog systems. For extended information, please see our complete paper about dialog systems and their applications in the call center industry.

Dialog Systems Infographic

<img title=”Dialog Systems Infographic” alt=”Dialog Systems Infographic” src=”https://www.specialtyansweringservice.net/wp-content/uploads/infographic-learn-about-dialog-systems/dialog-systems.jpg” width=”710″ />
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