Learn about voicemail infographic.

Learn About Voicemail Infographic

Voicemail is a digitally recorded message stored in a digital mailbox – a best friend to all people who screen their calls and actively avoid their friends and family. If you call anyone, one of two things are going to happen: the call will be answered by a human being, or you’ll be transferred to a voicemail box. But that wasn’t always the case. Before 1970 when voicemail didn’t exist, trying to reach someone who wasn’t there meant waiting on the line while it kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing. Endlessly. And you were all like ‘I know you’re there. Pick up. Pick up. PICK UP!’ But they never did. Thanks to voicemail, someone is always there. Even if it’s a digital someone.

For businesses, voicemail is a cheap lead capture tool. Think about how many calls your business gets during the day. Now imagine not having voicemail (or *cough*, a live receptionist *ahem*) and leaving potential customers waiting on the line, wondering when, or if, you’re going to pick up. Not cool.

Today, there are a ton of voicemail providers out there that basically all perform the same function: storing recorded communication for convenient retrieval. In this infographic, we’ll school you on how voicemail works, when voicemail was introduced, how voicemail messages are digitally stored, how voicemail is a part of Unified Communications, and how AI voice to text voicemail transcription services are replacing having to listen to your messages.

Learn All About Voicemail Infographic

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