Learn How to Say “Hello” in 57 Languages!

Learn to Say Hello in 57 Languages

Why, hello there, and Happy New Year! As the clock struck 12, and 2018 rolled around, billions of people all over the world contemplated their New Year’s Resolutions. Lose weight, read more, give up cheesy poofs, stop binge-watching Netflix – you know, the usual. Call center service companies like SAS absolutely love resolution season. If you’re a small business selling diet aids, 8-pack ab videos, books on learning how to play the accordion in 5 easy steps, or mail-order meals, you likely can’t keep up with the demand and have a real need to outsource some, if not all, of your customer service. For us, that means more customers, and more opportunities to say “Hello!”

Since we’re so busy perfecting our Hello, we thought it would be fun to hear how people say Hello in other languages. We’ve included a list of languages and their corresponding Hello greetings recorded in both .MP3 and .WAV format for you to consume. Some have different variations depending on the country in which you are speaking, or the area of the country that you’re in. With only 57 languages in our list, it’s just the tip of the iceberg – nowhere near the 7,000 or so that are spoken across the globe, but it’s a good place to start. Take a listen to the sound clips, practice a bit, and surprise the people around you with your stellar linguistic talents!

NOTE: In many (but not all) of the recordings below, the first example indicates an informal greeting, whereas the second example indicates a formal greeting. In addition, in some languages, there is no literal translation for the words “Hi” or “Hello.” So, a similar word or phrase may be used.

  1. Afrikaans [mp3 | wav]
  2. Amharic [mp3 | wav]
  3. Arabic (Egyptian) [mp3 | wav]
  4. Arabic (Moroccan Darija) [mp3 | wav]
  5. Armenian [mp3 | wav]
  6. Bengali [mp3 | wav]
  7. Burmese [mp3 | wav]
  8. Croatian [mp3 | wav]
  9. Czech [mp3 | wav]
  10. Danish [mp3 | wav]
  11. Dutch [mp3 | wav]
  12. Persian/Farsi [mp3 | wav]
  13. Finnish [mp3 | wav]
  14. French [mp3 | wav]
  15. Gaelic [mp3 | wav]
  16. German (Germany & Austria) [mp3 | wav]
  17. German (North-South Germany) [mp3 | wav]
  18. German (Switzerland) [mp3 | wav]
  19. Greek [mp3 | wav]
  20. Hausa [mp3 | wav]
  21. Hawaiian [mp3 | wav]
  22. Hebrew [mp3 | wav]
  23. Hindi [mp3 | wav]
  24. Hungarian [mp3 | wav]
  25. Icelandic [mp3 | wav]
  26. Italian [mp3 | wav]
  27. Japanese [mp3 | wav]
  28. Khmer [mp3 | wav]
  29. Korean [mp3 | wav]
  30. Kurdish [mp3 | wav]
  31. Malay [mp3 | wav]
  32. Mandarin [mp3 | wav]
  33. Māori [mp3 | wav]
  34. Mongolian [mp3 | wav]
  35. Nepali [mp3 | wav]
  36. Norwegian [mp3 | wav]
  37. Pashto [mp3 | wav]
  38. Polish [mp3 | wav]
  39. Portuguese [mp3 | wav]
  40. Punjabi [mp3 | wav]
  41. Romanian [mp3 | wav]
  42. Russian [mp3 | wav]
  43. Samoan [mp3 | wav]
  44. Spanish [mp3 | wav] Hint: We excel at saying Hola! Check out details on our Spanish Answering Service.
  45. Swahili [mp3 | wav]
  46. Swedish [mp3 | wav]
  47. Tagalog [mp3 | wav]
  48. Tahitian [mp3 | wav]
  49. Thai [mp3 | wav]
  50. Turkish [mp3 | wav]
  51. Ukrainian [mp3 | wav]
  52. Urdu [mp3 | wav]
  53. Vietnamese [mp3 | wav]
  54. Xhosa [mp3 | wav]
  55. Yoruba [mp3 | wav]
  56. Zulu [mp3 | wav]

Have a correction or want to share a recorded greeting from a native speaker? Contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

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