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Having Fun At The Office

On a scale of 1 to 10, how boring is your office? With a 10 being straight up dullsville and a 1 being the joint is jumpin’, we would guess that the majority of offices the world over rank somewhere in the 8 to 10 range. Did you know that an ultra-serious work environment can damage your mental outlook and productivity? It is to every business owner’s benefit to create a fun, social company culture, and studies have shown that employees work happier, and work harder, when they have strong relationships with their colleagues. There are a bunch of ways you can have more fun at the office. We could elaborate on really “professional” suggestions, but instead we submit the following 5 Cool Gadgets for your Office Enjoyment:

1. Carpet Skates. Yes, carpet skates. They glide over any type of carpet, and they are one-size fits all. We wonder how bored to tears someone had to be sitting at their desk to come up with these things – but hey, any exercise is good exercise, right?

2. USB Fishquarium. You know how people are always saying that fish tanks are calming? Well that’s because they are. And now you can have one on your desk that is powered by USB and also happens to be a desk lamp, clock, and pencil cup!

3. The BS Button. Don’t lie. How many times have you walked out of a meeting or received an email about some new ridiculous task on your plate and said, “This is total bull$#*%”? The BS button is like an easy button, except better.

4. USB Rocket Launcher. Another genius invention that operators via USB. This baby can fire over 6 meters! In order to have the most fun, though, you should probably have a few of them around the office, otherwise coworkers will always know who is responsible for the miniature rocket floating in their coffee cup.

5. Webble Ergonomic Footrest. This footrest keeps your tootsies continuously in motion instead of being stuck flat on the floor for 8 hours. It’s designed to help you improve flexibility, circulation and posture, and reduce muscle fatigue and joint pressure. It doubles as a foot massager, too!

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